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Q: Is it a foul to push a player in the back to get a rebound?
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What is a push in basketball?

A push is called if you push another player...usually the refs call it a foul once your arm is extended.

Can you be called for a foul if you push your own player as part of a play...?

No, you cannot, the player has to be on the other team.

Name one technical foul?

A push A push

Is it a foul in basketball to push off of someone in a game?

yes it's a foul

What is a foul in baketball?

its when you hit push etc

In the NBA what is the difference between a technical foul and a flagrant foul?

a techical foul is when you say yell at the ref perposly push some one down yell at a coach and or player ect while a flagrant foul is you accidently hit someones hand or touch arm or run into them

Is the oppponent aloud to push an opponent away to get the ball in soccer?

A player is allowed to shoulder push or use his/her body to block/shield the ball, but he/she is not allowed to use his/her hands to push an opponent away or else that will be a foul.

In soccer can an accidental push be a foul?

Yes it can. Intent is not a criteria used to judge whether a foul occurred or not.

Is it a foul in football if you accidentally push someone over?

Yes. Intent is not considered when determining whether a foul occurred or not.

How can you foul some one in lacrosse?

You can Slash- hit someone with stick in a place other than stick or gloves Push from behind- push someone in the back trip someone cross check

What is hacking in basketball?

It is when you foul someone non-stop. You always foul out in a baskteball game. And you always push or lke slam someone, and foul them really badly.

Can a player push another player in the back to advance the ball?

In theory, no. Although it is rarely called.

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