Is golf played more than soccer worldwide?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Is golf played more than soccer worldwide?
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What takes more athleticism golf or soccer?

Soccer, by far

How many people play basketball in the world?

It is my opion that although soccer is viewed by more people worldwide basketball is played by more people worldwide.

Is golf played by more people than anyother sport?

Yes. Soccer is the most popular spectator sport but golf is the most played sport by people of all ages.

Which is harder soccer or golf?

Sorry that's more of an opinion

Sports played in Spain?

•Soccer -Played More •Cycling •Bullfighting •Golf •Skiing

Is there more football fans than baseball fans?

Yes - football (Soccer) is more widely played worldwide than Baseball.

What coverage is offered from ESPN soccer?

ESPN soccer offers a multitude of coverage, ranging from worldwide to local in almost every country that soccer is played in. It features news, game updates, and more.

Which one would compress more golf ball or a soccer ball?

Soccer ball

What is more played soccer or football?

Soccer is played 100 times more!

Which sport generates more money Football or Soccer?

It Depends where you are. In America it is Football. But worldwide, Surprisingly, it would be soccer.

What sport is more profitable worldwide?

Football. (Soccer as it is known in North America)

What is the most active sport worldwide?

The most active sport worldwide, by far is Soccer (football, futbol). Played by just about every country in the world. More popular in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. Asia isn't into soccer as much as a whole but it is still popular. Many Hmong people play soccer. Not sure about Australia.