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Football. (Soccer as it is known in North America)

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Q: What sport is more profitable worldwide?
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What is the most profitable NCAA sport?

Football this sport brings more money to its schools

What sport has the most players worldwide?

what sport has the most players worldwide

What is the most profitable KFC franchise worldwide?

The most profitable KFC franchise in the world is in Trinidad and Tobago.

What is second most profitable sport?


What sport is more popular then rugby?

socceris the most popular sport worldwide, in the united states it would be football.

What is the 5 most profitable KFC'S worldwide?

trinidad and tobago

Is soccer a worldwide sport?


Which sport do more people play worldwide Football or Basketball?

Football (Soccer) is the most popular and widely played sport worldwide. It is also the most commercialised giving it a multi-billion dollar lead over any other sport in the world.

What sport does Tony Hawk get credit for bringing worldwide recognition?

Tony Hawk brought worldwide recognition to the sport of skateboarding.

What is the most profitable sport team in the world?

New York Yankees

Which sport is most watched worldwide?


Sport sponsorship ranking worldwide?


What is the most famous sport worldwide?


In which country is farming more profitable?

Greenland is the most profitable

Which sport generates more money Football or Soccer?

It Depends where you are. In America it is Football. But worldwide, Surprisingly, it would be soccer.

How profitable is KFC in Ghana?

The KFC in Ghana is one of the most profitable outlets worldwide. This is because many Ghanians love chicken, snacks and the fast foods.

What is the least profitable sport in the world?

The 'who can give their money away the quickest' game

Is soccer the most popullar sport?

Yes, soccer is the most popular sport worldwide.

What was the first sport to achieve a worldwide status?


What is the most played sport worldwide?

soccer, or football

What is the most profitable sport in the world?

According to, the most profitable sport in the world is American Football (College and Professional) respectively. The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL with a net worth of about $1.4 Billion.

Number one sport in America?

American Football, although Baseball is a WorldWide popular sport.

What is the second most played sport worldwide?

The Second Most played sport in the world is Cricket.

What is a sport played worldwide beginning with the letter s?


What is the number one sport people play worldwide?