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yes because there is a lot of running involed

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2011-11-02 16:28:25
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Q: Is cardiovascular endurance needed in netball?
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What sports do you need cardiovascular endurance in?

mere walking and swimming is good.

Is aerobic endurance needed in the sport of netball?

yes it is!

When do you need cardiovascular endurance in a netball match?

because so you can play better and score more

Components of fitness in netball?

The fitnesss components of netball are: Speed Agility Strength Power Flexibility Balance Coordination Reaction Time Cardiovascular Endurance

Why is aerobic endurance important in netball?

Aerobic endurance is very important in netball because it gives the body the capability not only to deliver but to also use oxygen. The oxygen is needed in the provision of energy.

What is the difference of cardiovascular and muscular endurance?

cardiovascular =is pig muscular endurance = is cowWTF

What does the term cardiovascular endurance mean?

cardiovascular endurance is the most important fitness its how strong your heart is.

Why is cardiovascular endurance needed when swimming?

its good as keep you good in bed and makes you give it hard to your girlfriend ;)

If you needed to improve your Cardiovascular Endurance and your Muscle strength how would you increase them?

Exercise and lift weights. Piliates

Why is aerobic endurance needed in netball?

To be able to run up and down the pitch and to sprint into spaces to receive or intercept the ball.divs

What are the fitness components for touch football?

The main 5 Fitness components needed for Touch football are; Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Endurance, Speed, Agility and Co-ordination.

Is volleyball cardiovascular endurance?


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