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Q: Is a tennis ball in if any part of the ball is touching or over the line?
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When the tennis ball hits the line it is in or out?

The ball is only considered out if the whole ball is in front of the line, meaning if only a fracton of the ball lands on it and the rest is over, it is still called in.

Tennis racket over the net in tennis?

If you reach your racquet over the net in the middle of a point before the ball has crossed the net, you lose the point. If the ball has crossed the net and when you return it your follow through goes over the net without touching it, it is good

Can you reach over the net to hit a tennis ball?

No you cannot reach over the net to hit a tennis ball...

What is the purpose of tennis racket?

To hit the tennis ball over the net.

What are volleyball fouls?

Making contact with the net, lifting the ball, blocking a serve, touching the ball two times in a row, and stepping over the line on a serve.

What is the difference between volleyball and tennis?

Volleyball has a higher net and you actually touch the ball while you spike it, set, bump, and serve it. With tennis you have a racket to hit the ball back and forth over a net that is touching the floor. Volleyball is always a team sport as well, where as tennis requires one player. If you're playing indoor volleyball, you need six players on each team, but if you're playing beach volleyball, you only need two. The ball is not allowed to touch the ground, but you're allowed one bounce in tennis. In volleyball if the ball lands on the line, it's in, but in tennis when it lands on the line, it's out. Also, the way the two sports count points is different. Good volleyball is always played with a bump, a set, and then some sort of attack (there are lots of different kinds), but with tennis you just hit the ball back and forth over the net. There's a big difference between them.

What is it called when a tennis ball goes around the net and not over it?


What are the regulations for tennis?

tennis regulations include but are not limited to: foot faults - you cant step over the line before you serve the ball you cant touch the net until the point is over the ball cant bounce twice before you hit it no distracting the player during the point(yelling, etc)

Why do some tennis balls bounce higher than others?

Tennis balls die! A tennis ball is pressurized, Over time the pressure is released. = to a flat tire or basket ball.

Can you kick the tennis ball over the net?

That would be a foul, you have to use the racket to return the ball.

Can you reach over the net to hit the ball in tennis?

Yes. The occasion which allows a tennis player to reach over the net to contact a tennis ball is when backspin, or blowing wind, causes a ball to go back across the net, after it has bounced within the bounds of your court. Randy Lynn Rutledge (author of Fix Your Tennis)

Can you step over the boundary line when you serve?

In tennis, it is a foul if you step over the line while serving.

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