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He is out. The bases only apply if he hits a ball that hits the ground or a wall in fair territory.

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Q: Is a player out or safe if he is on the base when ball caught?
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Are you safe or out if you touch first the same time the ball is caught?

You are out: MLB official rules state that the runner must touch the base before the ball is caught.

What is the ruling for a little league player sliding head first into a base?

They are safe unless tagged out by an defensive player who has the ball

What is the call if a base runner goes into second base standing up on a ground ball?

If it is a force play then as long as they beat the ball to the base then they are safe. If it is not a force play then the player must avoid the tag.

What is the call on the batter on a fly ball?

If there are runners on 1st and 3rd or bases loaded with less than two outs and the fly ball is in the infield, the umpire calls "Infield fly, the batter is out." In this case, the batter is out whether the ball is caught or dropped and all runners may return to their bases with no risk. If a runner wants to advance a base, they may do so at their won risk.If a batter hits a fly ball to the infield without the condition stated above, then it is like a normal fly ball, if it is caught it's and out. If it is not caught it is a safe ball and the defensive player must try to make the play at the base. These same rules for a fly-ball hit into the outfield.

If a thrown ball hits a base runner if he safe or out?


What does safe mean in baseball?

In baseball, when a player is running the bases, if he or she is touching any base (usually with a foot, although a person sliding into base might use a hand instead) that player safe, meaning, he or she cannot be tagged out, and will not be out if the baseball is caught and thrown to the catcher. He or she can remain at the base, and can continue running the next time the baseball is hit, by the next player who is up.

If a batter hits a ball off of first base is he safe or out?


If the third strike is not caught in the air by the catcher what happens?

if that happens then the batter tries to make it to first base before the catcher throwes it to the first baseman and if he beat es the ball he is safe

When the ball hits 1st base?

Battery is safe

Is the batter out or safe if a base runner gets hit by a ball?

the runner is out not the hitter but if he doesn't reach base before the ball is thrown to the base he would be out too.

Who makes the call when a player misses the base while advancing the umpire or the coach.?

A coach may yell out from the dugout but, it is up to which ever player has the ball when the play is over. All he has to do is touch the contested base with the ball in his hand. The umpire will either rule safe or out. It has to happen before another pitch is thrown.

If a base runner and the ball reach the base at the same time on a force play is the runner safe or out?

MLB rules state the ball must beat the runner to the base on a force play. If the ball and the runner reach the base at the same time the runner would be considered safe. However, there are no ties in baseball. The runner either gets there before the ball or after...Ties are only a myth.....

What Are bases safe?

In baseball, a base is "safe" in that a player can not be tagged out if they are on the base before either they, or the base in some instances, are tagged.

How do you use safe in sentence?

The ball player slid home and was called "safe." Are you safe in your house?

If a batted ball hits a base runner is the hitter safe or out?

The runner would be safe if the ball passes by a fielder other than the pitcher, out if hit before the ball has past a fielder.

If a player slides into a base and gets blocked by the defensive players foot is he safe?

If the defensive player has the ball in his possession he may block the base. The runner would be called out in that situation.clarification:The defensive player does not have to have the ball in his possession to block a base. He just has to be making a play on the ball -- this could be anything from a catcher standing at home waiting on a ball being thrown from right field to a 2nd basemen waiting on a ball from the catcher on a steal attempt. As long as the player is making a play on the ball then he may "block" a base --- keep in mind though the runner has a right to get to the base through the base path which means "running over" the player no-matter which bag it takes place at -- most people believe you can only "run over" the catcher -- this is incorrect, you can "steam roll" a 3rd basemen if he is your path to the bag --- which is generally why they will stand straddling the base and not directly in front of it

What is a base in baseball?

In baseball, when the batter hits the ball, he has to run to first base. First base is when he is safe, where he can not be tagged out by the ball. You can also steal base :) i play 12u softball I am a gall

What hit gets the batter to first base safely?

There are many different hits that can give a player a safe passage to first base. A player can hit a line drive, a ball up the middle, a ball off the walls around the stadium, a home run, etc. Batters can also reach first through a error made by the defensive team.

Is a running out at second base on a infield fly rule if the ball hits the runner while standing on the base?

No, as long as he is on the base he is safe

If a runner on first runs to second when the ball is hit and the runner on second does not run what happens when the two runners end up on second?

== Answer== It depends, If the batter hits a fly ball that is caught with less than two outs the original man on second is safe. If the runner from first can return to first before a defensive player can touch it with the ball he is also safe. If a ground ball is hit with less than two outs both runners are forced to advance. As long as the guy from first gets there before the ball he is safe and the original runner is out.

Is it an out if the glove with the ball touches a base and then pops out of the glove?

This would probably be the judgment of the umpire. If he felt the ball was under control as the fielder touched the base, the runner would be out. If he felt that the ball was not fully under control and hitting the base caused the ball to come out of the glove, the runner would be safe.

Is a runner out if a fielder has the ball in his hand and touches the base with his glove?

If the play at the base is a force out, yes. MLB rules state that a player must have complete control of the ball with the glove or bare hand for an out to be recorded. Control of the ball with the hand or glove and contract with the base is what is needed to make a force out. The rule is different, however, if the play is a tag play instead of a force out. In that case, if the fielder had the ball in his hand and tagged the runner with the glove, the runner would be safe. On tag plays the runner must be tagged with the ball or with the glove that is securely holding the ball.

If the pitcher throws ball four and the catcher throws to 2nd before the runner reaches is he out?

No, it is simply ball four and the runner is safe and the batter is awarded first base on a base on balls.

After hitting a fly ball the batter assuming it will be caught for an out jogs toward and almost to the dugout the outfielder drops the ball and the batter runs to first Is he safe?

if the ball doesnt get to the first baseman before the batter does than yes, the batter would be safe and then benched(hence jimmy rollins)

When a player steals and the fielder tags runner and his glove falls off and ball stays in glove is he safe or out?

The runner would be safe. This is the same as if the ball were dislodged and falls out of the glove.