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Double touch is illegal unless the player touching the ball blocked it. Blocks don't count as a touch.

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2012-08-14 02:58:36
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Q: Is a doble hit illegal in beach volleyball?
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Is a double hit illegal in volleyball?


Can you double hit in beach volleyball?

You can't hit the ball twice by yourself in beach nor indoor volleyball. You can hit it once have another person bump or set and then hit it again though

How many time does a team can hit in volleyball?

In nearly all volleyball layouts, one team is allowed to hit the volleyball 3 times. 4+ hits are considered illegal.

How do you score in beach volleyball?

You hit the ball to the other side of the net and make it hit the ground

Who hit the Fastest volleyball spike?

Retired beach volleyball player Lewis O'Rear of Cantonment, Florida was clocked at 88 mph on Pensacola Beach at a Jose Cuervo Beach Volleyball Tournament on July 18, 1998. He now teaches middle school in Cantonment, Florida.

What is volley called in beach volleyball?

a volley is when 2 teams hit the ball back and forth for awhile

A term used to describe an illegal hit by hitting the ball underhand with open hands in volleyball is called a?


What is the 'dig' shot in volleyball?

A dig is when you dive to get the ball and most of the time in beach volleyball, you extend one arm and hit it with just that one arm. I started playing beach volleyball in Hermosa Beach in'55. The dig came from the feeling of digging it out of the beach without allowing the ball (spike) to hit the sand first. Never heard of it being with one hand. The announcers at the olympics call any shot returned a dig. Even high shots. They're just clueless appointees of NBC executives But that's redundant isn't it? Probably have never played volleyball.

Can you hit the ball with your foot in volleyball?

in beach voleyball yes but in indoor no Just saw a foot dig in the London Olympics in the men's volleyball (USA vs. Russia). Totally legal indoors!

How is volleyball connected to geometry?

It's related to Volleyball because if you hit the volleyball you hit it at a certain angle which relates to geometry.

When receiving a serve in volleyball can the ball be double hit?

In indoor volleyball, no person can double hit the volleyball unless the middle (blocker) hit the ball after a block.

Is it illegal to reach over the net to hit the ball in volleyball?

Im pretty sure it's legal as long as you don't touch the net.

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