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When your talking about receiving that ball from a serve, then no. While setters may "get" the ball from a serve to save it from hitting the ground it is never their goal to receive a serve. In most cases, the back row players will receive the serve and try to bump it to the setter who will, in turn, set it to the hitter. In a real game, it doesn't always happen this way of course but that is the basic set up for volleyball play.

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Second ball is always setter's.

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Q: When should the setter get the volleyball?
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What is a volleyball quarterback called?

Volleyball does not have a quarterback position.

What does S stand for in volleyball?


In service reception formation the one player who should not receive the ball is in a game of volleyball?

The setter.

What sport do you use the term setter?


In the volleyball where do you find setter?

front middel

What position does S stand for in volleyball?


Who makes the final calls and decisions in volleyball?

the setter

What is weakside hitter in volleyball?

The weakside hitter is in right front (RF). They are normally opposite the setter.

What are the two main positions for a volleyball game?

Setter and spiker/blocker

Name three positions on a volleyball team?

Hitter Passer Setter

What is the front right position in volleyball?

setter or offside/rightside hitter

Define the term setter in volleyball?

A Volleyball setter is the front right position. She/he is in charge of setting the ball over to another player of the same team so they can hit it over the net. The setter doesn't HAVE to set the ball they can bump it or anything else they want to do that is just the main thing.