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I would say it is a completely respectable time and let's me know that there is plenty of potential. You will plateau if you do not maintain running in the off season. I ran X-C in HS and college so I know what I am talking about.

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Q: Is a 19.06 5k time good for a freshman with 1 year of running?
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What is a good freshman 2 mile time?

I would say anything under 11:00 is good for a freshman and anything under 10:20 you could be running with the upperclassman.

What is a decent 5k time for a freshman in high school new to running?

25 minutes for a new freshman runner. In comparison, a 15 minute high school 5k would be close to winning the state competition. It really depends on the person, because running is such a personal and self-based sport. You don't compare yourself to other's times as much as you compare your time in a particular race to your own average time.

What is a good 5k time for your first season of cross country as a high school freshman?

To be competitive, a low 19 would be good. I run 18:09 as a freshman and is considered elite.

Can a freshman succeed in Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2 at the same time?

Yes, a freshman with determination and good study habits can handle 2 honors classes at the same time.

Is 79 seconds a good time for the 400 meter for freshman in high school?

if u mean high school freshman then that is insane

What is a good time for the 200 meter run for freshman girl?

About 25 seconds I would say.

What is a good time for a freshman boy in the 800m sprint?

My freshman 800 time was a 2:26, yet I am a mile and two mile runner. If your main event is the 800, a good time for a freshman would be between 2:05 and 2:15 or better than that. Anything else you would probably not place

What is a good time for running a 5K with hills?


What is a good running time for 8th grade boy running 200 meter?


What was Alan webb's mile time as a high school freshman?

I believe he ran a 4:23 mile his freshman year.

How fast should a fifteen year old boy run two miles?

So much depends on how fit and how fat this "average " boy is. If they havent done any training and they are fairly slim then anything from 7-9 minutes. A good teenage runner (fit and probably member of a running club) could do it in approx 5mins.

What is a good running workout for someone in good shape?

A good running exercise for someone that is already in good shape is running up and down stairs. This is an exercise that can be done in a small amount of time, and have a really great impact on your body.