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if u mean high school freshman then that is insane

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I am sorry, but that is very slow.

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Q: Is 79 seconds a good time for the 400 meter for freshman in high school?
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What is a good time for the 200 meter run for freshman girl?

About 25 seconds I would say.

Is 1 minute 5 seconds for the 100 butterfly good for a sophomore in high school?

It is not very good. I am a freshman and just today, I swam it in 1 minute 3 seconds during time trials.

What is a good time for a freshman high school girl to run a 200 meter?

25.5 to 24.5 if you get down here your pushing state records.

What is a good time for 100 m hurdles middle school grade girl?

Any time under 40 seconds is a good time for the 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles for high school boys.

What is a good time in the 450 meter swim?

For a high school girl a GOOD time would be around 50-60 seconds. But for most high school girls their times will be about 56-64 seconds. For a high school guy a GOOD time would be around 40-50 seconds. But for most high school guys their times will be about 48-54 seconds.I hope I helped!!

What is a good yearbook headline for freshman?

"Freshman Frenzy: Igniting the Flame of Potential!"

What is a good 55 meter dash time for high school boys?

Average time would be about 15-16 seconds A good time would be 14 seconds 13 seconds or less is amazing (girls) Average: 14-15 seconds Good: 13 seconds Amazing: 12 or less (would get you into States) (boys)

What is a good 5k time for your first season of cross country as a high school freshman?

To be competitive, a low 19 would be good. I run 18:09 as a freshman and is considered elite.

A good time for a 13 year old boy to get on the 100 meter?

Average: 16-17 seconds Good: 15 seconds Great: 14 seconds Amazing:13 seconds

Does South Eastern Regional School District have good teachers?

Yes i am a freshman and so far they have good teachers/

What is the average 100 yard dash for a high school freshman boy?

"about 13 seconds" Yeah right; You're doing amazing if you make 15/16 seconds. The average times for Grade 7 are 14/15seconds. Grade 8 are 13/15seconds. (Depending on your fitness) My son ran 12.37 in his first track meet in 6th grade this year but he was beating all of the 7th graders. I would say that an average time for most 6th grade track runners is aroud 14 seconds. They all mature at different times.

How can you get to varsity football your freshman year in high school?

You have to be the size of a junior/senior and you have to be really good.