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For adult Elan Twintip skis, $200 is a very good price.

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Q: Is 200 a good price for Elan Twintip skis?
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What are good quality skis for a cheap price?

k2s are good skis that are reasonabley cheap k2s are good skis that are reasonabley cheap

Are elan twin tips a good brand of skis?

Yes, they should be aroun $300 and if they're used they should be around $250

What are the best park skis?

If you are skiing in a snow park, you should always be using twintip skis. Rental shops will often have generic models of twintips for rental, or you can buy better quality ones from most ski shops

The sale price of a new pair of skis is 250.00 with a 20 percent discount What was the original price of the skis?

The original price was $312.50

How much do good downhill skis cost?

I paid €150 for mine on sale (list price was €499).

How much do skis cost?

Since skis can have a wide range in price from one brand to the next. take a look at this sports & outdoors websites to get a good idea.

Are fibreglass skis faster?

Nope it is the ability of the skier. Not the skis. But fiberglass skis are probably lighter. But i dont think they would preform as good as skis with a normal base.

What is the singular for skis?

If you break one of a pair of skis, you will be left with one good ski.

What are good beginner skis?

any cheap, all mountain skis would suit a beginner nicely.

What are the different kinds of skis?

Wow...there are SOOOO MANY! here are some of the more popular brands: *Fischer (my favourite) *Atomic *Rossignol *Head *Dynastar *Blizzard *Elan *Armada *Line *Nordica

Big name in skis and snowboards?

Burton for Snowboards. K2, atomic, salomon, rossignol, fischer, volkl, elan, nordica and dynistar are some popular ski brands. Some do snowboards as well.

How-to fit womens skis?

Check out the article in the link below with some great videos on all of the different types of skis available. It does a good job explaining what kind of skis to get.

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