What are good beginner skis?

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any cheap, all mountain skis would suit a beginner nicely.

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Q: What are good beginner skis?
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How do you determine snow ski length?

a good general rule is to get skis that are about the same height as you are. The shorter they are, the more control you will have; the longer, the faster they are. If you are a beginner, go with some skis that are shorter than you. Note: this is assuming you are skiing shaped or parabolic skis (any new skis will be this type)

Is the height of the skis the same as the rider?

It depends, if you are a real beginner the skis should be about the height chin to lips but if you are a very very very good racer it can be a few cenimeters taller than you. For the average person skis should be between your nose and eyes.

What kind of skis should you use if your a beginner?

If you are a very beginner dont get twin tips get any thing besides those that fits you.

Difference between men's and women's alpine skis?

Women's skis have the waist and binding farther forward compared to men's skis to compensate for women's lower centers of gravity and added weight in the rear. Because of lower weights and lower centers of gravity, women's skis also tend to be more flexible for proper turning. Women's skis are also more dramatically curvy than men's skis to make the ski turn better. On straight skis, man or woman, the rule is, "as tall as you or slightly shorter if you're a beginner, a foot taller if you're advanced or just really good." Longer skis can be dangerous, so you need to know what you're doing. On modern shaped or parabolic skis, beginner skis are around chin-height while advanced skiers may have skis up to their forehead or as tall as the skier. Shorter skis are good for beginners as they give more control and better turning. Longer skis get more speed.

What are good quality skis for a cheap price?

k2s are good skis that are reasonabley cheap k2s are good skis that are reasonabley cheap

Are fibreglass skis faster?

Nope it is the ability of the skier. Not the skis. But fiberglass skis are probably lighter. But i dont think they would preform as good as skis with a normal base.

What is the singular for skis?

If you break one of a pair of skis, you will be left with one good ski.

Is 200 a good price for Elan Twintip skis?

For adult Elan Twintip skis, $200 is a very good price.

What is a sentence using the word beginner?

Some examples... * "A beginner is not as good as an expert." * "Tim was bad at Trumpet, because he was just a beginner" * "She did quit well for a beginner."

How-to fit womens skis?

Check out the article in the link below with some great videos on all of the different types of skis available. It does a good job explaining what kind of skis to get.

What size ski for 5'1?

I can't tell you how long your skis should be just based on your height. Type of skis and skill level can greatly affect how long your skis should be. If you are a beginner your skis should between your chin and nose. If you are intermediate your skis should be between your nose and eyes. If you are an expert the ski should be above your eyes but no longer than your height. If you are buying twin tips you should add around 5cm to the length of the skis, thus being one of the exceptions to the 'never above your head rule'. The only other one is if you are a high level racer. Your best bet on getting a good length ski is to be fitted at your local ski shop.

What's a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?

The Maestro by Gibson is a great acoustic for a beginner.

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