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I have found that some good websites for buying cross country skis are,,, etc. These are very reputable websites for skis

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Q: Where can one buy cross country skis?
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Where can you buy women's Roxy skis?

Finding a retail store that sells women's Roxy skis is not a very challenging thing to do at all. One can easily buy women's Roxy skis on the website Skis.

Where can one buy cross country running shoes?

One can buy cross country running shoes at a number of places. Places include stores and online at web sites. Places like New Balance, Nike, and Runner's World all carry them.

How many syllables in the word skis?

Skis has one syllable.

Where can one purchase used skis in New York?

One can purchase used skis in New York from many retailers. They are available to buy from Paragon Sports, Eastern Mountain Sports and Play It Again Sports.

What is the singular for skis?

If you break one of a pair of skis, you will be left with one good ski.

Where can one buy discounted skis online?

The best place to search for discounted skis online is a place like Kijii where people post their used skis. If a person was looking for new they could check sporting good stores and look for sales.

Who was the first person to cross Antarctica on skis?

No-one has ever crossed the Antarctic on skis. It would most likely be suicide, and you would have to have a sledge/vehicle to carry provisions with you, unless you want to carry everything on your back (not advised).

Is cross country one word or two?

"Cross Country" is two words. Are you interested in joining?

Is cross country skiing the same as skiing?

There are several types of skiing and one of them is cross-country skiing.

Where could one go to learn how to cross country ski?

One can go to various ski resorts in order to learn how to ski cross country. They have lots of classes that you can take about cross-country skating.

What are two good that can be considered substitutes?

Snowboards are a substitute for skis, because consumers will often buy one or the other, but not both.

What is the plural word form for ski?

The plural form for the noun ski is skis; one ski, two skis, a pair of skis.

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