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Baseball, Basketball and football....... one of these i guess

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Q: In what sport is the ball mostly thrown?
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What sport is a ball mostly thrown?


In which sport is the ball mostly thrown?

id have to say either foot ball base ball or basket ballinIn A+ItsSoftball

What is thrown in sport?

discuss, javelin, arrows, plates, ball!

In which sport is the ball mostly kicked?


Which sport is the ball mostly kicked?

A soccer ball is mostly kicked or sometimes football or flag football

If the ball is thrown over the sideline how is it brought back and by whom?

What sport are you talking about ?

Can a keeper pick up the ball if its thrown in?

If the ball was thrown-in by a teammate, no. If the ball was thrown-in by an opponent, yes.

Longest thrown baseball?

The longest ball thrown was by glen gorbous. The ball was thrown 445 feet and 10 inches

Is it a dead ball if the ball is thrown to first base and hits the base coach?

MLB Rule 5.08 is pretty clear: If a thrown ball accidentally touches a base coach, or a pitched or thrown ball touches an umpire, the ball is alive and in play. However, if the coach interferes with a thrown ball, the runner is out.

How do you use thrown in a sentence?

The ball was thrown across the room.

What sport do people mostly dislike?

Most people don't like the sport tennis. It is just soooo boring watching the ball go back and forth.

What are the options to choose by the winner in a toss coin?

Well in depends what sport you are playing, but mostly no matter what sport it descides what team gets the ball, and what side you deffending

Which sport needs the least grip?

Probably soccer or futbol because the only time the ball is ever gripped by a player is when either the ball is being thrown back inbounds or the goalie catches the ball to prevent a goal.

What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

How is the word thrown used in sentence?

The ball was thrown high into the air.

What is a ball thrown across a football field an example of?

A ball thrown across a football field is an example of a projectile.

What is the ball?

A ball is a pitch that was thrown outside the stike zone

Is a thrown ball a projectile?


What sport do you play with a lead ball?

Sport with a lead ball on a chain

After the ball is thrown. where is the point of maximum potential energy?

there is no potential energy when a ball is thrown its kinetic energy but the maximum point would be when the ball is still

Which ball can be thrown farther a golf ball or tennis ball?

A golf ball is heavier and has better aerodynamic qualities, therefore it could be thrown further than a tennis ball, which is too light.

What sport do they mostly play?

I mostly play basketball, because it is a good sport.

What moves faster a ball thrown down or a ball falling down?

A ball thrown down. The thrown ball will have a greater initial velocity and since they experience the same force of gravity, it will always be faster (until they both reach terminal velocity).

How does the angle thrown affect the distance of a ball thrown?

yes it does the optimal ang

Example of a sentence using the word thrown?

That ball was thrown fifty yards!