What sport uses a double dot ball?

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There is a "double-yellow dot" ball currently used in the sport of squash.

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Q: What sport uses a double dot ball?
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What sport uses a double yellow dot ball?


Which dot ball is the fastest for squash?

a double dot when warm. unfortunantly the double dot takes longer to warm up that a single dot, unless you have a microwave red dot or blue dot are the bouncyest

What colours of squash ball are there?

blue ball: noobs. green/red ball: casual/amateur single yellow dot: pro double yellow dot: competition orange: ??

What does a DOT ball mean in cricket?

the dot ball is a ball in which no run(s) scored

Why is a dot ball called a dot ball?

In the traditional scoring system, a dot was used to indicate a ball whereby no run has been scored.

Different colors of dots on a squash ball?

There are serveral different colours. A yellow dot is much slower then a blue dot. A double yellow dot is used in professional games. * yellow dot: Extra slow * white dot: Slow * Red dot: Medium * Blue dot: Fast

What does the colour dot o a squash ball mean?

Blue= Progression ball Yellow= Tornament ball Red= Bouncy No dot= Progression ball

What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?

On a bowling ball, the red dot can be a weight. They put weights on bowling balls to throw a curve ball.

What does the double dot symbols mean?

In Physics and equations of motion, double dot is the same thing as the second derivative- theta double dot = theta'' and so forth.

What does dot stand for in cricket?

A dot represents a ball bowled from which no runs are scored

Where can you find answers to gas law equations?

. https://(double-u double-u double-u)(dot)periodni(dot)com/gas_laws_calculator.html

What does a dot matrix uses to form the letters?


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