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Liverpool were champions of the old Division Two in 1893-1894, winning all 14 of their home games and avoiding defeat on their travels.

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Lancashire League

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Q: In their first season ever season Liverpool won which league?
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Have Liverpool ever won the premiership?

No. However before it was called the Premier League Liverpool won the League 18 times, the last being the 1989 - 1990 season.

Did Liverpool ever win the premir league?

liverpool never won the premir league

Has Liverpool ever won the champions league?

Yes Liverpool won the champion league 5 times.

Have Liverpool ever won the premier league?


Has insua ever scored for Liverpool in premier league?


When have Liverpool ever conceded six in the premier league?


When was the first ever Major League game ever played in Spain?

No regular season Major League baseball game has ever been played in Spain.

Have Liverpool or man utd ever won 4 league titles in a row?

Yes it could be Liverpool.

What premier league teams have been in every premier league season?

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have been ever-present in the Premier League since its inception in 1992.

Has Coleraine FC ever won the league?

They won the Irish League Championship in the 1973/1974 season and they won the Irish League First Division Championship in the 1995/1996 season.

How many times has Manchester United beaten Liverpool in the league?

In the premier league era, Liverpool have won 10 games and Manchester United have won 18, with exactly halve of those victories coming at Anfield. United's 4-1 home defeat to Liverpool in the 2008/09 season was their heaviest ever in the Premier League and their biggest loss in 17 years. Only Liverpool and Arsenal have beaten United home and away in three separate Premier League seasons.

Have Liverpool football club ever relegated from the english premier league?

Liverpool have not been relegated since the beginning of the Premiership.

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