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Following a 1-0 loss in their first Premier League game away at Nottingham Forest, Mark Walters scored Liverpool's first ever Premier League goal at home against Sheffield United on 19-Aug-1992 to equalise a Brian Deane goal. Paul Stewart scored the winning goal in the second half for a 2-1 victory.

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Q: Who scored Liverpool's first ever premier league goal?
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Who scored the first premier league goal for Chelsea?


Who scored liverpool's first premier league goal?

Ian Rush

Who scored the first own goal in the English Premier League?


Who scored the first televised goal in the premier league?

brian deane

Who scored the first premier league goal?

Brian Dean (sheffield United)

What Romanian scored the first ever premier league own goal?

It is porpeschue.

Who scored the first ever scottish premier league goal?

Bobby Ford

Who scored the first premier league goal in 2000?

The first Premier League goal of calendar year 2000 in the Premier League was scored by Branko Strupar, who scored just two minutes into the Derby County v. Watford fixture on January 3, 2000 - just two weeks after having joined the club.

Who scored the first premier league goal and what was the size of the crowd?


Who scored the wining goal for Man United in first Premier League?

mark hughes

Who scored the first goal of the premier league this season?

Mark Noble - West Ham?

Who scored the first English Premier League goal at old trafford?

Brian Deane

Who scored the first ever televised English Premier League goal?

Teddy Sheringham

Who scored the Winning goal for Manchester United in their First Premier League Victory?

brian deane

Which scotsman scored first hat trick in premier league history?


Who scored the first scottish premier league goal?

eion jess for aberdeen v dundee

Who scored Man Utds first goal in premier league?

Darren fleacher Darren fleacher

Who scored the first ever headed English premier league goal?

me during the revolutionary war

Who scored the first ever English Premier League goal by head?

Brian Dean

Who scored the first goal English premier league 2009?

The first goal scored in the 2009-10 English Premier League season was by Stephen Hunt (Hull City) vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on the 15th August 2009. He scored in the 27th minute on his competitve debut.

Who scored Liverpools first goal in the 2006 FA-cup final?

Djibril Cissé

Who scored first hat trick in premier league on sky?

Dider Drogba against Wolverhampton Wonderers

Who was the first Indian cricketer to score a century in Indian premier league?

manish pandey scored the first century for Rcb

Who conceded the first premier league goal?

The first game of the FA Premier League was between Manchester United and Sheffield United. Sheffield United scored the first goal and went on to win the match 2-1.

Which team won the first ever FA Premier League?

Manchester united were the first to win the premier league in 1992/1993 and the first to get a treble of the 3 major trophies, Premier league, F.A cup and Champions league in 1999 when Ole Gunner Solskjar scored in the last minuit against Bayern Munich.