Has insua ever scored for Liverpool in premier league?

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Q: Has insua ever scored for Liverpool in premier league?
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Which Liverpool players have scored in the premier league ending in the letter A?

Hyppia, Anelka, Garcia. Lucas leiva and Arbeloa titi camara, Insua?, riera

Did insua score in the premier league?

Yes the former Liverpool player did score a goal.

How many goals did Emiliano Insua score for Liverpool?

In four seasons for Liverpool FC, Emliano Insúa scored a single goal in 62 appearances in all competitions for the side.

Insua the Liverpool player is of which country?


Who are the eight players that have scored for Liverpool in the premiership with the names ending in the letter a?

Camara hyppia Garcia leiva reira anelka reina insua

What is the birth name of Miquel Insua?

Miquel Insua's birth name is Miguel Insua Lpez.

When was David RΓ­os Insua born?

David Ríos Insua was born in 1964.

How many Liverpool players havescored for Liverpool with their surnames ending with the letter a?

My mate says there are 8, but I can only think of Sami Hyypia, Emiliano Insua, Alvaro Arbeloa and Andrea Dossena. There is also Lucas Levia and Luis Garcia

When was Miquel Insua born?

Miquel Insua was born in 1961, in Valdovio, A Corua, Galicia, Spain.

What has the author Waldo A Insua written?

Waldo A. Insua has written: 'El problema cubano' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Politics and government

Name the soccer players of fc Liverpool?

Strikers-Torres, Kuyt, Ngog, Babel and voronin Midfield-Gerrard, Macherano, Aquilani, Lucas, benayoun and Riera Defenders-Carragher, Agger, Skrtel, Aurelio, Insua, Johnson, Kyrgiakos Goalkeepers-Riena, Cavalieri

What is Liverpool squad in FIFA 10?

Liverpool squad in fifa 10 is Pepe Reina Daniel Agger Paul Konchesky Skrtel KYrgiakos Glen Johnson Emiliano Insua Christian Poulsen Steven Gerrard Alberto Aquilani Lucas Leiva Milan Jovanovic David Ngog Ryan Babel Fernando Torres Brad Jhones Danny Wilson Dani Pacheco

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