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Q: In mens college basketball on a free throw does the ball have to hit rim for the time to start?
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What is it called when you throw the ball up to start a basketball game?

The tap

Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

In college basketball does the ball have to hit the rim on a free throw?

yes. if a missed free throw does not hit the rim, its a dead ball and possession goes to the opposing team.

What is the Dunk in Basketball?

you jump up and throw the ball in

How long do you have to throw-in the ball in basketball?

5 seconds

What is a free throw line in basketball?

A free throw line in basketball is the line where the players who are fouled get to shoot the ball.

How was basketball start?

they had a ball and then shot the ball in the basket and they called it basketball

Can you run the baseline in a spot throw in basketball?

In American college ball and the NBA, you may run the baseline after a made shot or free throw. If the throw in is due to something other than a made shot or free throw, you may not run the baseline when attempting to throw the ball in.

How is friction used in basketball?

when we throw ball,dribble ball all this is friction

What is are an basketball?

a round ball you bounce and throw in a tall net

Can you throw a ball up through a basketball hoop and score?


How do you do a floater in basketball?

first you throw your hand and the ball up then let the ball go

What type ball did basketball start with?

a soccer ball

What techniques are there in basketball?

First you throw the ball to one of your team-mates that are open. If they pass you the ball don't be afraid of the ball. If your near the hoop throw the ball into the hoop.

When can the defense of basketball on a free throw move?

There are a lot of different times in most little leagues when the ball hits the rim, in the college and NBA when the free throw shooter shoots the shot.

What the difference between baseball nd basketball?

If you meant baseball AND basketball... Baseball you use a bat and hit a ball and basketball you throw a ball into a basket. Your Welcome

A sport that you throw in?

football,basketball to because you pass the ball to your teammates

What sports do you throw the ball?

Basketball, Baseball, Football, Rugby, Soccer.

What will fall faster a basketball or a golf ball?

I say a golf ball, but it depends on how high you throw them.

Where do you throw in the basketball when the ball goes out of bounds on the side line?

At the point where the ball went out of bounds.

What does a basketball game start with?

with a jump ball

How does a soccer ball game start when the ball is kicked out of bounds?

They throw it in.

Is it a foul in basketball to throw the ball over you opponent then catch it on the other side?


How many seconds to throw in the ball in basketball?

5 seconds

How do you throw ball in basketball?

Either one or two handed, and with or without bouncing it.