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i think it would be considered a foul

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Q: If a player throws the ball from his defending court to the opposite court and it enters the rim then will it be considered a shot or a foul?
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When is an NFL player considered down?

When the player who has the ball has a knee or elbow on the ground when in contact with a player from the opposite team. When the player that has the ball touches any other body part besides his hands on the ground and is in contact with a player from the opposite team.

Is a defender a good position for a player?

yes if you enjoy defending.

What player was the best at defending Michael Jordan?

Gary Payton

Can a defensive basketball player step on endline when defending an offensive player driving baseline?


Who is the biggest threat to a baseball player clearing home base?

The catcher defending it.

What is considered an opposite field when a baseball player hits the ball to opposite field?

For a right handed batter, the opposite field would be right field ... a right handed batter that hits the ball to right field is said to hit the ball to the opposite field. For a left handed batter, the opposite field would be left field.

Can a water polo player hold up both hands when defending?

No, not under FINA rules.

What is a serve error in volleyball?

A serve error is when the ball fails to land in the 30x30 courton the opposite team's side. If the ball touches any part of the body of a player on the opposite side and goes out, it is considered good. I hope this helps(:

What does slot mean in ice hockey?

The slot is the area directly in front of the net. It is considered a very dangerous place for a defending team because an opposing player can sit there and have a scoring opportunity from a pass from anywhere in that end of the ice

What is 'reaching in' in basketball?

It a type of foul. It's when a defending player tries to steal the ball but makes too much contact with the player who has the ball.

What does defending mean in Pokemon?

Usually when a player says "Defending Pokemon", it's the Pokemon who are taking the hits on their turn. Defending could also possibly mean "Defense", which is one of the basic 6 stats of each Pokemon. The higher the Defense, the harder it is to take it out with physical attacks.

Can a netball player standing out of court defend a player who is in court?

No. Defending from off court is a violation of rule 16.7 of the Official netball rules as of 2007

What happens if a player with the ball runs into the oppositions end zone?

If the ball is ran to the opposite goal and the player is downed in the end zone it is considered a safety and the opposing team receives 2 points as well as a free kick.

Why do you wear tags in tag rugby?

When the tag is caught by an opposing player the ball is then passed from the attacker to the defending team.

How do you know when its a goal kick?

If the crosses the goal line (but not into the goal), and last touched an offensive player; it is a goal kick. It is a corner kick if it was last touched by a defending player.

What player can use their feet in field hockey?

A player with goalkeeping priveleges may use any part of their body within the circle they are defending, including (and commonly) the feet.

Is there more than one opposite of play?

The Opposite of Play on a VCR or DVD player is STOP. The Opposite of Play could be IDLE. Some people have said that opposite of Play is Depression. In sports, the opposite of Play is Stop Playing, or Not Playing.

Which player in netball is allowed in the centre third defending goal third and shooting circle?

Goal Defence and the opposing Goal Attack

Can a defending player be in the box on a soccer punt?

yes because i was at a soccer game one day and it was a foul ball bt they exepted

What skill would a defending player use in netball?

jumping, catching, running, blocking, throwing and passing - i think that's all of them.

What is a loose ball in basketball play?

When a defending player attempts a steal or a block and bats it away from the offending player, causing the ball to be out of possession, or 'loose'. Its pretty much when no player is holding the ball, but it is still in play.

What is an encroachment penalty in football?

AnswerEncroachment is when a defensive player enters the neutral zone and makes contact with the opponent.

Can a goal be scored from an indirect free kick?

Not unless another player touches it before it enters the goal.

How do you get into a fight in NHL 97?

start punching a player on the opposite team

If a defending player shoots the puck over his blue line and a teammate brings the puck back in to the defending zone while attacking players are still in the offensive zone should a delayed offside?

Because the "defending" team brought the puck back into their own attacking zone, even if there are offensive players still in the zone, there would NOT be a delayed offside.