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I don't think so.

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Yes. All American football fields are 120 yards long, and all Canadian football fields are 150 yards long.

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the length of a football field is 100 yards from endzone to endzone, 120 yards from the back of each endzone.

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Q: Are all football fields the same length?
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How many Cubic yards of trash converted to football fields?

It depends how deep it is volume = width x length x height a football field is an area. Find the area of a football field area = width x length and put it in this equation volume = area x height Remember, all numbers must be in the same units

What is the longest ground in the AFL?

They are all the same length except the scg is smaller then the rest of the fields

Is CFL the football field bigger than any other?

Not really. It's the same size as all the other football fields in Canada.

Is a college football field and high school football field the same size?

Yes, both are 120 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide.

How long would it take to run 10 football fields at 70 mph?

Nobody can run at 70 mph: your heart would give out so you would never finish the run. As a reults it would take for ever.Leaving reality aside, football fields do not all have the same length so it would take approx 0.53 to 0.59 minutes.

Is a NFL football bigger than high school football?

No all football fields are 100 yards.

What sports have a field?

yes all NFL football fields are the same 110 yards long.

Where is football played in France?

All over the country, wherever there are football/soccer fields.

who has the most touchdowns in football out of all the quarterbacks?

justin fields

How wide is a football field?

160 feet wideStandard football fields (as opposed to "arena football" fields) are 120 yards long, including the end zones, and fifty yards wide.25 yd

What was the shortest football game?

they are all the same length...

How long is a high football field?

All football fields are 100 yards long from goal line to goal line