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It depend on the rules of the game. Theoretically, you would just be disarmed.

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Q: If your gun is hit in paintball are you shot?
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How long does a shot from a paintball gun?


What is shot out of a paintball gun?


How many people die by a paintball gun?

No one has died as a result of being shot with a paintball gun.

Can a paintball gun shoot re balls?

Yes, reballs were made to be shot out of paintball guns.

What model of paintball gun killed Colette Contois?

it was not the marker that killed her, it was the CO2 tank that ruptured and shot off and hit her in the head

Does it hurt more getting shot by a Co2 paintball gun or slingshot paintball?

A Co2 gun can go up to 300 fps. Sling shoots only get a paintball up to 240.

In the experiment that tested which type of paintball gun shot paintballs furthest what was the independent variable?

type of paintball marker

Is an airsoft gun or a paintball gun better for fighting with?

Paintball gun. You can see where you hit your target. I disagree, if you are looking for a more realistic looking weopon then use an airsoft gun

Why would my talon paintball gun use all its c02 in one shot?

overpowered probably

What came first the BB or the paintball?

The compressed air gun, which shot metal bb's was invented before the paint marking gun.

What is the purpose of a paintball gun?

The purpose of a paintball gun is to fire paintball pellets, to mark opponents in the game of paintball.

What are paintball markers?

A paintball marker is a paintball gun. It is just called a marker instead of a gun.