What came first the BB or the paintball?

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The compressed air gun, which shot metal bb's was invented before the paint marking gun.

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2012-06-04 12:50:54
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Q: What came first the BB or the paintball?
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Should you get a paintball gun or bb gun?

I'd say a paintball gun because you can't go pro or go to a bb arena there's a paintball arena so i'd say paintball

What was the name of the first paintball gun?

The first gun made for Paintball was the Splatmaster invented by Robert G Shepherd. Then came the Nelspot 007.

What is stronger a bb gun or paintball gun?

depends but mostly paintball.----------------------------------------Paintball will always be stronger than a BB gun. However pellet guns come in much larger sizes that the .177 caliber BB, They also go up to 50 caliber and can bring down a deer.

What is the difference between paintball guns and bb guns?

Nearly everything. Paintball guns are fired through the use of air or CO2. Also they shoot only paint. bb Guns shoot pellets, and look completely different then most paintball guns.

How do you fix a BB gun?

the same thing happened to me. I was like using up all the WD40 I had, but I used the oil that came with my paintball gun, its like pelican or something, and a coat hanger to push the bb down the barrel and then it just came out of the loaderit all depends on the model and what is wrong with it.

Is a paintball gun like a bb gun or no?

They run on the same concepts, having a compressed gas propel them. But bb guns are generally more powerfull, slower shooting, "classic" looking rifles and pistols. Paintball guns are either military simulation or built specifically for the needs of paintball players, that look nothing like real guns or bb guns.

Are there any airsoft bb gun stores in philadelphia?

No because in Philadelphia it illegal to have type of air soft for example pellet paintball and bb

Can a paintball gun shoot bb gun bullets?

No, do not attempt this. bb's are small and will jam up the gun, as well as being unsafe to fire.

Can you convert paintball marker to BB gun?

Not easily. The modification would cost more that it is worth.

Can an ex-felon have a paintball gun in Nevada?

Yes, they can own a paintball gun. The law says no firearms, but BB guns, airsoft guns, and paintball guns use air or CO2 and are there for not restricted by the firearm laws and restricted.

Is a gas airrifle the best?

The best for what? Paintball, .177 Pellet, 6 mm pellet or bb rifle?

What was the first paintball marker to use eyes?

Bob Long Intimidators were the first to have "eyes". Following their success, Angel came out with ribbon eyes.

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