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Yes, reballs were made to be shot out of paintball guns.

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Q: Can a paintball gun shoot re balls?
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Does a spring airsoft gun have to be re cocked each time you shoot?


How many times can a gas Airsoft Gun shoot before having to be re-gassed?

15-20 depending on the gun

What is a pump paintball gun?

A 'pump' gun is instead of the marker, re-cocking itself every time you fire, there a pump handle (like on a shotgun) were you have to pump each time before firing. This is just to put anouther paintball into the chamber.

Whaat is a pump paintball gun?

A 'pump' gun is instead of the marker, re-cocking itself every time you fire, there a pump handle (like on a shotgun) were you have to pump each time before firing. This is just to put anouther paintball into the chamber.

Why do I have to cock my paintball gun every time now It makes a chainsaw noise and then I have to re-cock it?

You are most likely low on air pressure.

Why does your tippman project salvo paintball gun rapid fire with low co2 and you dont have an E trigger does this happen with every paintball gun?

When a gun starts to run low on Co2, it will nor be able to re-cock properly, sending the bolt out , but not far enough to catch, and will repeat until there is no gas. This happens to every gun e trigger or not.

If you shoot different Grain bullets from a 300 Win Mag will you have to re-sight in gun when you change grains?

Depends on how big the difference is and the range.

What is pressure on a paintball marker?

Pressure in a paintball marker is usually referring to the tank, or the gun itself. Only HPA tanks come in variable pressures (3000-4500-5000 psi). The other pressure is controlled by a regulator, which is the operating pressure (150~200 psi) which is the pressure kept needed to fire and re-cock the gun.

Do you have to re cock a cybrid paintball maarker every time you shoot?

No, all Cybrid markers are semi automatic and will shoot one ball per trigger pull. You only need to cock them after screwing in the c02 for the first time, and decock them after it has been removed.

How to Choose a Paintball Gun?

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing a good game of paintball, it is important to pick the right paintball weapon. This is a big step in committing to the sport, so it is vital to make an informed decision.Figure out how much you want to spend on the weapon while remembering that you probably still need to get other equipment. A standard paintball gun can run between $150 and $800. However, there are some other varieties, such as ones that are semi-automatic and automatic shooters. Since these use more CO2 and more balls, this can affect the price as well.Get your hands on as many borrowed guns as possible, or rent them. Test them out.Ask local paintball veterans why they enjoy their gun and what they wish it had.Pbreview offers numerous reviews on different paintball guns, written by enthusiasts who have owned these guns. Consider asking questions about any specific kind of gun you are interested in on the forums.Consider if you want a CO2 tank or cartridges. While the tank will last longer, it will require a place to fill it up. On the other hand, while cartridges will run out every 20-30 shots, you can easily stock up on them.Figure out how big you want your paintball loader to be, as well as what kind it will be. As you may have guessed, the larger loader will hold more balls, but it would naturally be heavier. The actual question you are asking yourself is how many balls you are going to shoot at your opponents. Some people mow down their opponents with a barrage of bullets but some may wish to fire one accurate shot at a time.Figure out how long you think the barrel should be on your gun. You will get more accuracy with a longer barrel, but it comes with the drawback of being a heavier gun and also being a more awkward gun. On the other hand, accuracy may also come with a rifled barrel, but this can cost more as well.

How do you fix a paintball that refuses to re cock?

lube it and clean it, chances are that's what it needs, use paintball specific oil, no motor oil or wd-40

How to fix a kingman spyder vs1 paintball gun if it is clicking and de-cocking after each shot?

Firstly check if your tank still has pressure. Secondly if it uses batteries, check that they are full. If that does not work, completely disassemble and clean and re-lubricate your gun. Then take it to a shop if this continues.

Why do you need CO2 tank for paintball?

If you meant "why do you need any gas tank for Paintball": the expanding c02 or hpa is what pushes the ball out of the barrel at high speeds and can be used in reseting the gun. If you meant "why you need a C02 tank specifically": you dont need a co2 tank to play paintball. their is compresed air tankes available. most electrical guns must run on air enless you want to be doing maintenance on the gun after every game and replace parts after 5 games. most non electrical guns also can be ran on air but is capable of runing on co2 but air would keep your gun in better condition. You need co2 or compressed air(nitrogen and compressed air are the same thing) so the paintball can fly out of the barrel and to re cock your gun automatically.

Is the word reshoot hyphenated?

Yes it's hyphenated: re-shoot.

How many times may a senator be re elect?

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What to do when pulling the pen on a paintball gun?

Be careful:First off, you must likely have a spyder or spyder replica (copy, clone, wanna be, etc.).Bottom line is if you have a pin hanging out the side of your gun here is what to do:If you pull the pin out, both the upper chamber (where the bolt is) and the lower chamber (where the air passes through) will spring out! This will happen because 1) they are connected (top and bottom chamber) and 2.) because there is a spring in the bottom chamber which assists in re-cocking the semi automatic (or fully) paintball gun.Before you do any work on the gun you want to make sure you have disconnected the air. Manually cocked the gun after doing so, and test fire the gun. In your test fire(s) you are trying to make sure all the air is out of the gun. Shoot the gun repeatedly until all the air is gone. Once all the air is out, the gun is safe to work on.So, when pulling the pin on your paintball gun (after all the air is out) you may put your hand on the back of both chambers (bolt and the bottom [velocity adjuster usually]) and catch the parts before the fall to the ground. Then pull them out slowly, as they are attached, and take careful notice to how everything is arranged. Hope that helped.Picture of gun with pin located on the side, between top and bottom chambers: the air being disconnected.

What is the history of a Stevens Arms Company Springfield Model 83 single shot bolt action rifle in 22 cal?

I've seen them in the $200 +/- range depending on condition. I have one that was left in an attic after my grandfather died for 35 years. I learned to shoot with that gun. I refinished the stock and had the parts re-blued. It's a pretty gun now and I've taught my sons to shoot with it.

What does it mean by re-cock gun?

To make it ready to fire.

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How do you clean your paintball gun after is chops?

Use your squeegee or swab to clean out the barrel, use a paper towel in your hopper (just in case stuff exploded there too.) carefully clean your bolt and re lubricate it, with specific lubes, dont use bolt lube on your barrel.

What is chatter when re-crowning a gun?

Cutter is dull or off center

What is a blowback slide on an airgun?

It's the top portion of the gun that slides back and re-loads the airgun with the next shot when the gun is fired. The slide is literally blownback by the gas in the gun. It slides forward as it re-loads the chamber, all with the pull of the trigger.

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