What are paintball markers?

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A paintball marker is a paintball gun. It is just called a marker instead of a gun.

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Q: What are paintball markers?
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Related questions

Where can one buy pump paintball markers?

There are plenty of options where one can buy pump paintball markers. Zephyr Sports, ANS Gear and Amazon are great options for pump paintball markers.

Are paintball markers waterproof?

yes, they are

Are paintball guns illegal in Yonkers ny?

There is not licencing for paintball markers.

Where can you find a paintball pawn shop?

Though Paintball markers can be sold to pawn shops and Paintball stores, there are no specific "paintball pawn shops." The link attached is a site where markers can be bought, sold and traded.

Are scenario paintball guns allowed in non scenario paintball?

Yes, they are. Any markers marked as "scenario" markers are just military simulation markers, which are fine at any feild.

Does predator paintball supply paintball markers?

if you are talking about the one is sacramento, yes

Is the p90 paintball gun semi automatic?

There are no Paintball Markers modeled after the P90.

Do you have to go through hunter safety to have a paintball gun?

No, there is no training or licencing for paintball markers.

How do you buy a powerful paintball gun?

All paintball markers must be chronographed at under 300 FPS, so all markers have the same "power."

Are paintball guns illegal in SA?

I am guessing you meant USA. No. In fact, paintball guns are not guns. There referred to as paintball markers.

Can a felon in Georgia own and fire a paintball marker?

There are no background checks required for paintball markers.

What are paintball pellets?

The gelatin shelled, paint filled balls of paint shot out of paintball markers.

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