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A paintball marker is a paintball gun. It is just called a marker instead of a gun.

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Q: What are paintball markers?
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Where can one buy pump paintball markers?

There are plenty of options where one can buy pump paintball markers. Zephyr Sports, ANS Gear and Amazon are great options for pump paintball markers.

Where can you find a paintball pawn shop?

Though Paintball markers can be sold to pawn shops and Paintball stores, there are no specific "paintball pawn shops." The link attached is a site where markers can be bought, sold and traded.

Are scenario paintball guns allowed in non scenario paintball?

Yes, they are. Any markers marked as "scenario" markers are just military simulation markers, which are fine at any feild.

Are paintball guns illegal in Yonkers ny?

There is not licencing for paintball markers.

Is the p90 paintball gun semi automatic?

There are no Paintball Markers modeled after the P90.

Does predator paintball supply paintball markers?

if you are talking about the one is sacramento, yes

How do you buy a powerful paintball gun?

All paintball markers must be chronographed at under 300 FPS, so all markers have the same "power."

Are paintball markers waterproof?

yes, they are

Do you have to go through hunter safety to have a paintball gun?

No, there is no training or licencing for paintball markers.

Are paintball guns illegal in SA?

I am guessing you meant USA. No. In fact, paintball guns are not guns. There referred to as paintball markers.

What are paintball pellets?

The gelatin shelled, paint filled balls of paint shot out of paintball markers.

Can a felon in Georgia own and fire a paintball marker?

There are no background checks required for paintball markers.

Does a spring action paintball gun shoot as hard as a paintball gun that holds air?

No they do not. A spring paintball gun shoots at about 120 feet per second and a propellant powered one will shoot at 300 feet per second depending at what the user/owner sets the velocity of the marker at."spring action" markers are markers that run solely on a spring, but all paintball markers Use springs. These spring pump guns are less paintball markers and more toys.

Where is discount paintball?

You can find cheap and discounted paintball guns and markers from your local gun shops. You can also look for garage sales for cheaper prices of paintball guns and markers. You can also try checking online for dealers and stores such as eBay and Amazon for cheaper and discounted prices of paintball guns and marker.

Can you shoot a 40 cal paintball out of a paintball gun?

No. You can not shoot 40 cal out of .68 or 50 caliber markers.

Do you need a permit to have a paintball marker in new york?

There is no place in the US that requires a permit/license for paintball markers.

Where can you customize a paintball gun?

Most local paintball dealers will have the parts as well as the expertise to customize repair and upgrade paintball markers. They will usually show you how to do the customization yourself of they will do it for you for a price. You can buy customized markers online from some manufacturer sites or from resale sites such as eBay.

Where can you get cheap paintball guns?

Generally, decent paintball markers cost the same everywhere, unless you can find free shipping online. The cheapest and worst markers are available at Retail stores like Walmart.

Which paintball gun has the greatest velocity?

All paintball markers are chronographed to the same velocity of around 290-300 FPS.

Is a paintball gun classified as a leathal weapon?

No, law enforcement use and classify paintball guns as less then lethal markers.

Can you be 14 years and own a paintball gun in pa?

No, in the US you must be 18 to buy paintball markers and most accessories.

How much were early paintball markers?

When you count in inflation they were around the same prices we pay for lower level markers today. However they did not have $1,800 markers like we have today.

What shops sell paintball markers?

Usually specialized paintball "pro shops" that sell paintball markers, paint[balls] in quantities of 2000 or so, paintball gear (apparel, safety googles air tanks), and may offer refills for air tanks. Usually there will be one within a paintball field or pretty close to one, and some may may be miles away from the nearest field.

Is playing paintball in your backyard legal in Edmonton Alberta and would one have to notify neighbors and the local police?

No paintball markers are not firearms.

Are paintball guns illegal in Nebraska?

The markers itself are not, but where you play may be.