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4 runs would score: the 3 runners on base plus the batter who hit the home run.

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Q: If there are 3 players on a base and a batter hits a home run how many run scores?
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Every time a batter reaches first base the next batter hits a double Every time a batter hits a double the runner on first scores Jon reaches first base What can you deduce about Jon?

That Jon will score when the next batter hits a double.

If a batter reaches 1st base on an error and a runner scores because of her hit does she earn an rbi even though she received a base because of an error?

Yes, she would get an RBI, but the run would be unearned to the pitcher, since the batter who scored didn't "earn" her way on base. Generally the batter is not awarded an RBI if a runner scores when the BATTER reaches on an error, if if he hits into a double play.

If there are 3 players bases loaded and the batter hits a home run how many runs are scored?

4, one for each base and the batter themselves.

Does a batter get credited with an RBI if he hits into an error and a run scores?


What is a three run home run?

That is when a player hits a home run with two men on base. The batter and the two players on base will all score. The batter will then be credited with a three run home run.

What if pitcher hits batter?

If the pitcher hits the batter on a pitch then the batter is awarded first base. However if the batter swings at the ball and it hits her then it is a strike

The ball hits the ground then hits batter does the batter get first base?

The batter does not get first base. They only get first when it hits them directly. WRONG! Rule 2.0 states that a ball which hits the ground first then hits the batter is ruled a hit batsman, and he is awarded 1st base.

If there are 3 players on base and the batter hits a home run how many runs score?

It would score 4 (four) runs.

When a pitch hits the ground before it hits a batter does the batter get first base?

No, in that case it is a ball.

Does a batter get credited with an RBI if he hits into a fielder's choice and a run scores?


If a pitcher hits a batter and he later scores on a balk is that a earned run?


If a pitched ball in fastpitch softball hits the ground and then hits the batter does the batter get awarded a base?


If A batter hits a line drive that hits a base on a fly and is caught is the batter out?

No the batter is not out- The bag is on the ground and that is considered a bounce off the ground.

If a batter hits into a ground out but scores an RBI does the out count against his batting average?

no, its charged as a sacrifcie.

Is a batter awarded first base if the ball hits the ground first in womens fast pitch softball?

If it hits the ground then hits the batter then yes. If it just hits the ground then no.

With the bases loaded and 2 outs a batter hits a slow roller to third base the runner from second gets in a rundown and before he is tagged out the runner from third scores is the run good?


Does a batter get credit for hit if the batted ball hits a base runner?

If a batted ball hits a runner in fair territory, the runner is out, and the batter is credited with a single and takes 1st base

If a batter hits the ball but the ball hits a batter on his way to first base is he out?

Yes, the batter would be out for interference if he's touched by the batted ball in fair territory.

What does it mean when a batter hits a ball and that ball hits second base?

fair ball

How many ways can a batter reach second base?

I don't know how many ways, but here are the ones that I can think of. The batter hits a home run. (Even though he passes the base, he still reaches it) The batter hits a triple. The batter hits a double. The batter hits a ground-rule double. The batter hits a ball that gets stuck or lost in the outfield wall (or ivy) or other structure. The batter hits a single, but a fielder's error allows the batter to take an extra base. I can't think of any others.

When a batted ball hits a runner for the third out how is the batter scored?

the batter is awarded a base hit.

What is it called if a batter hits and reaches second base?

a double

Does the batter get to advance to first base if the ball hits the ground and then the batter?

Yes, as long as the batter makes an attempt to get out of the way of the pitch they are awarded first base on a pitched ball that touches the ground and then the batter.

Pitched ball hits ground then batter?

If the ball hits the ground in play then it hits the batter it is call a hit by pitch and the batter will take first base ... You can also hit the ball as it bounces off the ground ...

Why is it an at bat if the batter hits gets thrown out at first but the run scores when it is not an at bat if the batter flys out and the run scores?

This is what you call and RBI. An RBI is short for "Runners Batter In" Players compete for the highest amount of RBI's. Since batting runners in help your team win the game, the at-bat does not count against the batter. That means that they just swipe the at-bat away. The batter still receives a Plate Appearance, but not an At-Bat. Plate Appearances do not effect your batting average or any of your averages, other then your on base percentage. Think of it this way: If a player hits a fly ball and the runner tags up and scores a run, that's going to help his team win the baseball game. Same goes for a ground ball out, as long as the run gets home, the batter is not charged with getting out. It will go on the score card as a RBI Sac Fly, or just an RBI for a ground ball.

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