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No, in that case it is a ball.

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Q: When a pitch hits the ground before it hits a batter does the batter get first base?
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Is the batter considered Hit by a pitch that has hit the ground first?


Is a batter awarded first base if the ball hits the ground first in womens fast pitch softball?

If it hits the ground then hits the batter then yes. If it just hits the ground then no.

Does the batter get to advance to first base if the ball hits the ground and then the batter?

Yes, as long as the batter makes an attempt to get out of the way of the pitch they are awarded first base on a pitched ball that touches the ground and then the batter.

What is the ruling when a pitch ball hits the ground first then is hit by the batter?


Pitched ball hits ground then batter?

If the ball hits the ground in play then it hits the batter it is call a hit by pitch and the batter will take first base ... You can also hit the ball as it bounces off the ground ...

In kids' pitch is it a dead ball if it hits the ground before it hits the batter?

In regular baseball rules, the ball is still live, even if it hits the ground first, until it hits the batter, then it becomes a "dead ball". If it never hits the batter, its still a live ball.

If pitch hits ground in fastpitch baseball then hits the batter does he go to first?

Yes, unless he swings at it.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter in softball?

If it hit the batter the batter gets first and it's scored as a hit by pitch.

Can a batter hit a pitch if it hits the ground first?

Yes, a ball doesn't become dead just because it hits the grown before crossing the plate. If it is hit, then the ball is in play.

What happens if a batter gets hit by a pitch?

If a batter is hit by a pitch, that batter automatically advances to first base.

What happens when a batter gets hit by a pitch?

the batter advances to first base

Can the batter hit a pitched ball that hits the ground before crossing home plate?

Yes, but if he doesn't swing at the pitch, it would be a Ball.

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