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The defending team gets the ball and the goalie gets to kick off.

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Q: If the ball is hit by the attacking team and crosses over the goal line but it is not a goal who and from where brings it back into the game?
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When is a goal kick awarded to a team?

A goal kick is awarded if the ball crosses the goal line but a valid goal is not scored, and the ball was last touched by the attacking team.

What is it called when you get the soccer ball back after it is hit out of bounds?

Assuming it has come of an opponent; if it crosses a side line its a throw in, if its a base line it is either a corner (attacking end) or a Goal Kick (defensive end)

How does gravity affect volleyball?

When the ball is in the air, gravity brings the ball back down.

If a goalie catches a ball and fall back into the goal is that a point?

If the goalkeeper catches the ball and if the entire ball crosses the line, it is deemed a goal.

How do you play with a dog?

you can throw it a ball and when it brings the ball back cuddle with it. or play the harmonica and your in for a real surprize.

A ball crosses a water hazard and rolls back into the water?

The ball is played from where it stops. If you can't hit it out of the hazard, take the drop and penalty.

In football .What if ball goes through the posts and blows back on a field goal.?

The same thing when a ball carrier crosses the goal line and gets pushed back. It's a score!

The defense is given a goal kick when the ball goes out of bounds over what line?

If the ball crosses wholely over the goal line (but not inside the goal) and was last touched by the attacking team, the defensive team is awarded a goal kick.

What is over and back rule in basketball?

once a team crosses 1/2 court with the ball (towards the hoop they are shooting on) they may not bring the ball back across 1/2 court.

Can a qurterback cross over the line of scrimmage on a run then turn back and cross back over and throw the ball downfield?

No, once the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, no passing plays can be made.

If the ball is hit by the attacking team and crosses over the goal line in field hockey but it is not a goal how is play restarted?

Play is restarted in the same way as whenever an attacker plays the ball over the backline: with a 16 yard hit, in front of the goal.

Which is the soccer team that has possession of the ball called?

Attacking teamit is called the attacking team

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