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No, once the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, no passing plays can be made.

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Q: Can a qurterback cross over the line of scrimmage on a run then turn back and cross back over and throw the ball downfield?
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Can the quarterback throw 2 forward passes on same play?

if the ball doesn't cross the line of scrimmage

Can a quarterback cross the line of scrimmage and then come back and throw a legal forward pass?

Yes, as long as he is behind the line of scrimmage when he passes it, it doesn't matter if he has crossed it before. No, once a quaterback crosses the line of scrimmage he is considered a runner and can only pitch the ball backwards

Can a quarterback go pass the line of scrimmage and than go back and throw the ball?

No... ANSWER: If the QB goes back behind the line of scrimmage, then yes, he can still throw the ball. Crossing the line of scrimmage doesn't negate the QB's right to throw a legal forward pass on that play.

Why were football scouts doubtful about Tom Brady?

He was not heavy, and didn't have the muscle to throw the ball downfield

Can a quarterback throw the ball after crossing the line of scrimmage?

If a quarterback and the entire ball are in front of the line of scrimmage then a forward pass can no longer be thrown but a lateral is still a legal play. However, by the act of crossing the line of scrimmage, the quarterback does not lose the right to throw a forward pass as long as after crossing the line scrimmage, the ball returns behind and is thrown from behind the line scrimmage.

Does a pass that doesn't cross the line of scrimmage count as a completed pass?

yes as long as it gets caught. you can throw a pass that is a loss of 30, it's still a completed pass.

Can you throw a pass after a handoff?

Yes, a ball carrier has right to throw a forward pass as long as he has not crossed the line of scrimmage.

Who is allowed to throw a forward pass in football?

anyone as long as there behind the line of scrimmage

Is it intentional grounding in the nfl if the qb does not throw the ball past the line of scrimmage?


Can the quarterback in football run with the ball then throw it?

Yes, as long as the quarterback doesn't pass the line of scrimmage. Once past the line of scrimmage, you cannot pass the ball forward

What is sacking the quarterback?

A sack is when the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage before he can throw a forward pass/lateral. Tackling the quarterback behind the lime of scrimmage on a running play is not considered a sack.

When ball is throw backwards to another player wither in front of or behind the line of scrimmage?

you are allowed to do that its called a backwards lateral but it a flag if you throw it toss i forward its a forwards lateral and you can throw it side ways

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