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the player is safe. catcher must have control of the ball

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Q: If a play at the plate the catcher loses their glove on the tag is the runner still out if the ball remains in the glove?
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Is the runner safe or out if the fielder loses the ball while tagging the runner?


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What if a fielder catches a ball but loses his glove and the ball stays in the glove?

If the glove or mitt falls off in the process of catching the ball, it is not a legal catch. The fielder must have control of the ball in the glove and then remove it himself.

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Sure. The runner on 3rd base can tag up and score. The runner on 2nd may not even be able to advance to 3rd base, especially if the fly ball is to left field. To further clarify..a base runner may not pass another base runner who is ahead of, if your question means can a runner on 2nd or 1st, tag up and score if the runner on third doesn't, the simple answer is no...however, in a rare case they could. Let's assume that the runner on third tags up, but is thrown out at home and it is not the 3rd out of the inning, then the catcher either throws the ball away, or otherwise loses the ball, the other runner or runners may then advance and score. The batter, though, is not credited with a Sacrifice Fly, nor an RBI.

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If the runner remains standing on the bag when the 1st baseman touches the bag and the 1st baseman does not tag the runner prior to touching the bag, then the runner is safe and you have no double play. Answer To clarify, once the Batter becomes a batter-runner, the runner at first loses his right to occupy first base and is forced to advance. If he is tagged while standing on the base, he is out. If the first baseman then steps on first base the Batter-runner is also out -- Double Play. BUT, if the first baseman first steps on the base the batter-runner is out and the force is removed. If the runner standing on first base is now tagged he is safe.

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