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The "fairness" of the ball depends on the rules in that particular stadium. In the 2004 playoffs a ball hit the catwalk in Houston in fair territory and was caught in fair territory, but was ruled foul, because of the rules at Minute Maid park. On the other hand in Minnesota, a ball atriking the catwalk is automatically fair whether it lands in fair territory or not.

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2015-07-16 19:21:06
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Q: If a pitch is hit in a domed stadium and the ball hits the catwalk at the top of the roof in fair territory but on the descent is caught in foul territory is the ball fair or foul?
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Does a sacrifice fly have to caught in fair territory?

yes a sacrifice fly must be caught in fair territory. if it is not in fair territory when caught runners can not advance. and the base runner must also tag up after the ball is caught

Who caught the last out at the old Yankee Stadium?

Cody Ramson, he made the putout(caught) the last out at first base.

How do you get the soap on stadium sneakout?

you have to get caught 10 times in 20 seconds then escape

If you caught a baseball bat at the stadium What is going to happen to you?

If you caught a baseball bat, I imagine it'd be just like catching a baseball, you'd get to keep it as a souvenir.

Can someone tag up on a ball caught in fowl territory?

yes he can tag up

If a fly ball hits the outfield fence in fair territory then is caught before it hits the ground is it an out?


If a batted ball hits home plate and bounces in the air and is caught before it touches the ground what is the ruling?

It is a fair ball in play if it is in fair territory when it is caught.

What fan caught mickey mantle's last home run ball in Yankees stadium?

James r. Thomas

If a ball is hit in fair play bounces foul but is caught in the air in foul territory is it fair or foul?

Your question is difficult to understand because of the way it is worded, so I'll try and cover the whole fair/foul question. Any caught fly ball is an out, regardless of whether the ball is in fair or foul territory when caught, unless it is caught in out-of-play territory, in which case it is just a foul ball. Any ground ball that is first touched while the ball is in fair territory is a playable fair ball, regardless of what happens after the touch, unless and until it goes into out-of-play territory. Any ground ball that is first touched while the ball is in foul territory is a foul ball, regardless of what happens after the touch; if it is never touched, it is a foul ball.

What is a fly-out in Baseball?

A fly out is technically any ball that is hit in the air and caught by a player in the field before it hits the ground or wall resulting in an out. There are different terms depending on where the ball is caught 'Fly out' is usually reserved for balls hit to the outfield and caught in fair territory by an outfielder 'Foul out' is a ball caught in foul territory for an out 'Popup' or 'Pop out' is used to describe a ball hit in the air and caught by an infielder 'Line out' is a ball that is hit hard without going very high into the air and is caught be any defender

Is it an out when a flyball is caught in out of play territory and the player is in the air during the catch and lands in out of play territory?

If the player doesn't touch the out of Play territory first then it is an out and if it's going to be a home run then the main part of the player has to be on the field side

What is the field of play in baseball called?

The "Field of Play" in baseball is known as "Fair Territory." There is also an area known as "Foul Territory" where certain plays, such as catching a pop fly, is an out identical to a fly ball caught in fair territory.

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