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Yes. If a foul ball is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground the batter is out.

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Q: If a foul hit is caught then the batter is out?
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How many foul balls are allowed before a batter is out?

There is no limit to the number of fouls in the MLB.The only rules about foul balls is if a batter attempts to bunt with two strikes and the ball is bunted foul, the batter is called out. But there is no limit to the number of foul balls a batter can hit when swinging at the pitch.This is true. However, the first 2 foul balls that are hit and not caught are considered strikes. After that, there is no limit to the amount of foul balls that can be hit, as long as they're not caught.

How many foul balls count as a strike out?

The first 2 foul balls that are hit and not caught are considered strikes. After that, there is no limit to the amount of foul balls that can be hit, as long as they're not caught.

When a batter is hitting foul after foul after foul. Is the batter doing this on purpose to work the pitcher?

A Baseball player hitting foul after foul is done more so to stay alive (not strike out) then to work the pitcher ... You have to keep in mind that the batter him self is using up energy to hit the ball foul ... The batter would rather get a hit then repetitively hitting the ball foul ...

How many foul balls can a batter have?

You can technically have infinite foul balls (assuming they go out of the playing field and are not caught). The exception is if there are already 2 strikes and you foul the ball off but it goes right into the catchers mitt. Then you're out. Also, if they're are 2 strikes and you attempt a bunt and hit it foul then you are out. ---------- Above answer is almost correct... A batter can hit an unlimited number of fouls, but a foul that is caught in the air is not counted as a foul. It's simply an out. Also, a ball that is hit straight back to the catcher who then catches it is not a is a "foul tip," and the ball is still alive, so that's not a foul either. And it doesn't matter if there are 2 strikes, or 1 strike or 0 strikes, or what the count is at all.

Little league ball is hit and bounces back toward batter it hits batters helmet and goes out of bounds Is the batter out?

If the baseball hit the ground in foul territory, the ball is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory, and the batter/runner is still in the batter's box when the baseball hits him, it is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory and the batter/runner is out of the batter's box when the baseball hits him, the batter/runner is out and the ball is dead.

Is it a fair or a foul ball if the ball is hit and lands in the batter box?

Foul. It has to go beyond the batter's box to be a fair ball

If a batter bunts a third strike foul and the ball is not caught is it an out?

Yes. Rule 6.05(d) of the MLB Rulebook states that a batter is out if "He bunts foul on third strike".

How is a foul ball determined?

A foul ball can either be determined by the foul lines, if it is hit into the foot, leg, etc of the batter, or if it hits the plate first. If a ball is hit to the side of the foul lines where the stands are located then it is foul. If it is hit where the bases are it is fair.

Can you run on a foul ball?

If you are on base, and the batter hits a foul ball that is caught, and there is less than 2 outs, you may attempt to run to the next base after the ball is caught.

If the count is two strikes and a foul tip is caught by the catcher is the batter out?


If a batter is hit by a ball in the batter's box after he hits the ball what is the call?

foul ball

How many fouls until a foul out in major league baseball?

There is no limit; however, if a foul ball is caught by the other team, then the batter is out.

The umpire calls a batted ball that hits home plate first a foul ball is it fair or foul?

if it bounces fair and stays far its fair if it went foul and stayed foul it foul... if it hit the plate and hit the batter while he was in the batters box its foul if it hit him out of the batters box he is out

What causes a hit ball to go foul right or left?

The way the batter is holding the bat and/or standing affects a hit ball to go foul, right, or left. Also, how strong the batter is and the weather affects the hit ball.

If a batter is hit by the batted ball is it a foul ball?


Is a batter out if he steps in front of home plate and hits foul?

If the batter's entire foot is outside of the batter's box when he makes contact with the pitch, the ball is dead and the batter is Out, whether the ball is hit Fair or Foul.

How many strikes or balls will you get in a softball game?

In an at bat a batter as to get 4 balls before they walk. A walk meaning they get to be on first base. In a at bat where there are no foul balls they batter gets three strikes before they are out. If there are foul balls they count as pitches, but a batter can not strike out on a foul ball that is not caught.

Do 3 foul balls equal 3 strikes?

yes and no. a foul ball on the third strike goes uncaught then it is not a third strike. if a foul ball is caught on the third strike, including a foul tip, the batter is out.

If a batter foul tips a pitch that is caught by the catcher can a base runner steal?

In MLB, yes. According to MLB rules, a foul tip is a ball that is tipped by the batter that goes straight back into the catcher's mitt. It is considered a swinging strike and not a foul ball.

How many fouls are needed to foul out in baseball?

In baseball a batter can ONLY be called out on a hit foul ball if said foul ball is caught without it hitting the ground ... and personally I think that rule is very foully itself. In order to speed up the game of baseball and make it more exciting, I propose there be a strict limit on foul balls. Change the rules in professional baseball and make it that once the count reaches two strikes, the batter may only hit ONE MORE FOUL BALLwithout penalty. On the second foul after the second strike, the batter is OUT ... and it's scored as a strikeout for the pitcher. It's that simple!

Why is a batter called out if a foul tip is caught?

The foul tip is called out if caught because it could be in bounds or out of bounds. The umps don't know where it is until it touches the ground, so if it didn't touch the ground, how could there be a fair ruling on if it was out or in. SO if the ball is hit and caught without touching the ground, it is an out, if it looks foul or fair.According to MLB Rules, Section 2, a foul tip is defined as:"a batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher's hands and is legally caught. It is not a foul tip unless caught and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play. It is not a catch if it is a rebound, unless the ball has first touched the catcher's glove or hand."

How many fouls can a batter get?

As long as none of the foul balls are caught before they touch the ground, there is no limit.

Does a base runner need to return and touch his base after the batter hits a foul ball that is not caught?

Yes he does.

How high does a foul ball on the 3 rd strike if its caught to be an out?

it has to be higher than the level of the batter's swing

When at bat is it a foul ball if the batter is hit by the pitch on the hands?

If the ball strikes the bat handle and then the hands it is a foul ball. If the ball strikes the batter on the hands he is awarded first base, provided the pitch is not in the strike zone and the batter has made an attempt to avoid the ball. A batter is not entitled to first base if he is hit with a pitch while attempting to hit the ball.