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Yes he does.

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Q: Does a base runner need to return and touch his base after the batter hits a foul ball that is not caught?
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Are you safe or out if you touch first the same time the ball is caught?

You are out: MLB official rules state that the runner must touch the base before the ball is caught.

Where in the Little League rule book does it state that if a batter picks up a ball then throws it back to the pitcher that runners cannot steal?

It dosn't, but as soon as batter touch ball, ball would be dead and runner would have to return

If a batter is tagged out going to first are all other runners forced to run?

Baseball QuestionIm pretty sure that the runner can either steal second or return to first. What ever is more safe. Answer:Once the batter is tagged out the runner can return to 1st base, however, until the batter is out, the runner at 1st is required to advance to 2nd (if he prefers, i guess he could just stand on 1st base, but he would not be safe, as 1st base would belong to the runner until he is out) ----- now further into question.. the above answer would refer to a batted ball where the batter put the ball in play with a swing or bunt -- if you are referring to a dropped 3rd strike -- if a runner is on 1st and there are less then 2 outs, the batter cannot advance on a dropped 3rd strike, he is just out --- if there were 2 outs in this situation.. once he is tagged out the half inning is over so what the guy does at 1st base is irrelevant

When a foul ball is hit does a base runner occupying second base have to return and touch that base?

The base runner can not advance on a foul ball, he must return to the base he was at before the foul ball was hit. A base runner may advance on a caught foul ball, but must tag up and advance only after the ball is touched by a defensive player. To answer your original question, yes, all base runners must return to the base they occupied prior to the foul, and must touch that base before play is continued.

How can people get out in softball?

1. 3 strikes are called ("strikeout") 2. the ball hit by the batter is caught before hitting the ground ("flyout") 3. first baseman catches the ball before the batter runs there 4. the batter doesn't stand in the batter's box 5. the batter runs to a base that has already been tagged ("tagged" or "tag play") 6. the runner is tagged with the ball before reaching a base 7. the runner goes more than 3 feet out of the base line to avoid being tagged 8. the runner doesn't touch the bases (the runner is allowed to run past first but must touch second and third) 9. a fielder holding the ball touches a base, that is the only remaining base to which the runner can go, before the runner gets there

When you are a runner at first base and the batter hits a ground ball does the runner need to run to second?

== Answer== It depends, If the batter hits a fly ball that is caught with less than two outs the original man on second is safe. If the runner from first can return to first before a defensive player can touch it with the ball he is also safe. If a ground ball is hit with less than two outs both runners are forced to advance. As long as the guy from first gets there before the ball he is safe and the original runner is out.

During a bases loaded walk if the batter fails to touch first base on a base on balls does the runner on third base score?

If there are fewer than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, both the runner on third and the batter must touch their respective bases for the run to count.

How many fouls can a batter get?

As long as none of the foul balls are caught before they touch the ground, there is no limit.

In baseball after a fly ball is caught can the fielder touch the bag with his elbow to double a runner up?

Yes, provided he has control of the ball at the time.

What are some rules of fastpitch softball?

There are a lot of rules to softball but you said a few so I will name some of them. ONE:If there is a throw down to second base then the second basemen has to tag the runner and not simply touch the bag with her foot . TWO:If the ball is hit into a pop fyly ball and if the ball is caught and if there is a runner that ran to the next base then the runner has to tag back up on the bag that they came from before they can go to the next base. THREE:If the batter is batting in the box and the catcher is in the way of the batter and interfears with the hit then the batter gets to go to first base. There you go. Three rules about softball.

Bases loaded two outs bottom of 7th high schooball four to the batter must runners on 1st and 2nd touch the next bases since the batter touches first and the runner on 3rd touches home to end the game?

Only the batter needs to touch first base to complete the walk.

What does the umpire mean in baseball when his arms go out to the side after you touch the base?

when the umpire does the motion of extending both of his arms out to each side after a batter or a runner touches the base then that is the Umpire's signal to tell the teams that the runner is safe.