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The batter would be charged with a strikeout and an at-bat, the pitcher would be credited with a strikeout, and a wild pitch or passed ball would also be credited. The batter's OBP would go down as the formula for determining OBP is (Hits plus Walks plus Hit by Pitcher) divided by (At Bats plus Walks plus Hit by Pitcher plus Sacrifice Flies)

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Q: If a batter reaches first base on a dropped third strike would you give the batter a strike out How would that affect his on-base percentage?
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When is it necessary for a catcher to secure an out by tagging the batter or throwing to first on a strike out?

Anytime a third strike is dropped the runner can advance to first unless he is tagged or the ball is thrown to first before he reaches.

Does a fielder's error go down as a hit officially?

No. If a player reaches base due to a fielder's error, the batter does not receive credit for a hit, but does get credit for an at-bat. Therefore, the batter's average will descend, but the batter's on-base percentage will increase.

Does a Batter have to run to first base in foul territory after bunting or dropped third strike?

No, but he must run in the "runners box" when he reaches that spot down the first base line, or he may be called out for interference.

Every time a batter reaches first base the next batter hits a double Every time a batter hits a double the runner on first scores Jon reaches first base What can you deduce about Jon?

That Jon will score when the next batter hits a double.

If a batter reaches base via a bunt is it counted as a hit?

It is.

How does reach on error affect batting avg?

When a batter reaches on an error, an at bat is charged (since there would have been a put out had the error not occurred), so it will cause a decrease in batting average

Does batter have to swing to be legal runner on a dropped third strike?

No he does not. He can take the pitch and if the catcher drops it or the ball gets by him the dropped third strike rule is in affect unless there is somone on first with less than 2 outs. If there are 2 outs the rule is in affect even with a runner on 1st.

With two out can a batter on a third dropped strike run to first?


What is the scoring when a batter reaches on an error?

By noting E-x (x being the player who commited the error) and then drawing the line to the base the player advanced. An example would be E-6 (an error on the SS), or in the case of a dropped throw, 6-E3, SS throws the first, but first baseman dropped the throw that would have resulted in the putout.

If a batter reaches base on an error is it an official at bat?

Yes. The only time it is not an official "At Bat", is if a batter reaches base on a base on balls, hit by pitch or catcher interference. A batter is also not charged with an "At Bat" if he hits a sacrifice fly (a fly ball out that results in a runner tagging up and scoring), or a sacrifice bunt that advances a runner or runners. He is also not charged with an "At Bat" if the batter reaches base as a result of an error on a sacrifice fly or sacrifice bunt.

Is a batter out if the first-baseman controls the ball on the ground before the batter reaches first?

no.Unless the first baseman is touching first base.

What does the baseball statistic OBP mean?

It is a combination of 3 different stats. They are OBP/SLG/OPS, which mean On Base Percentage (OBP) Slugging Percentage (SLG) OBP Plus SLG (OPS) Here is the formula for each one. On Base Percentage (OBP) is used to determine how often a batter reaches base safely divided by his number of plate appearances. [Hits (H) + Walks (BB) + Hit By Pitch (HBP)] / [At Bats (AB) + Walks (BB) + Hit By Pitch (HBP) + Sacrifice Flies (SF)] Slugging Percentage (SLG) is used to determine how much power a batter has Total Bases (TB) / At Bats (AB) On Base Percentage Plus Slugging Percentage (OPS) is exactly that: OBP + SLG This statistic is used to determine how well-rounded a batter is.