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You should get a mens stick.

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Q: I cant deciede if i should get a mens or youth lacrosse stick i am 5ft 1in?
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How much does youth lacrosse cost each year?

1000 dollars, about 100-stick 250 for all of the pads

Should lacrosse players have prior experience?

It depends on what age you are talking about. If it is middle school or youth lacrosse you should be fine with little to no experience. But if you are looking at college lacrosse, you definitely need prior experience.

Is 36 inches too short for a lacrosse attack stick?

Yes, 40 is minimum... 38 is sometimes accepted at a youth level

Is the deuce lacrosse head legal in youth lacrosse?

yes! as long as the pocket isn't to deep

How many attack men are on field during youth lacrosse?

In youth lacrosse (u-11) there is 3 attack players plus center our draw of the ball.

How long is a youth lacrosse game?

Most youth lacrosse games have 4 12 minute quarters but in most tournaments there are two 20 minute halves.

Where is youth lacrosse played outside of the US?


Lacrosse in Sammamish Washington?

Yes!Youth Lacrosse grades 2-8 boys & girls go to

Lacrosse in Issaquah Washington?

Yes!Youth Lacrosse grades 2-8 boys & girls go to

What is a good number for a youth lacrosse goalie?

About 60 to 70%

How long does a full lacrosse stick have to be?

Attackmen and midfielders use sticks from 40-42 inches The max on a defensmen's stick is 72 inches, with a minimum of 60 (not positive on the minimum). Box lacrosse player can all use sticks from 40-46 inches, with the shorter ones being preferred by offensive players and the longer ones by defensive players.

What is the name of the best youth lacrosse player in park ridge?

Neal Kelly