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Yes, 40 is minimum... 38 is sometimes accepted at a youth level

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Q: Is 36 inches too short for a lacrosse attack stick?
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How short can you cut an attack men lacrosse stick?

as short as you can but dont hit his/her hand

How long does a lacrosse stick have to be?

40 inches long for a short stick including the head

Midfield lacrosse stick length in inches?

40-42 inches is legal for mid and attack

What is the average length for an attack lacrosse stick?

about 40 to 42 inches with the head attached

How long does a 7th and 8th grade attack lacrosse stick have to be?

30 to 31 inches long

How long is a lacrosse stick?

There are three different size lacrosse sticks.1. Attack and Middie2. Defense3. GoalieThe size of the lacrosse stick depends on which position you play. Different sticks have advantages and disadvantages.The Short Stick: This stick is used by both middies and attackmen. According to official US Lacrosse Rules, the shaft of the short stick must be 30 inches. The complete stick (head and shaft) must be between 40 and 42 inches.The Long Stick: The second different size lacrosse stick is the long stick. This stick is used by defenders and long stick middies.According the the official US Lacrosse regulations, the long stick (including head and shaft) must be between 52 and 72 inches. The shaft is about 60 inches.The Goalie Stick: The last type of different lacrosse sticks is the goalie stick. This is used only by goalies. Its shaft is about 40 inches long.According to US Lacrosse, the complete goalie stick must be between 52 and 72 inches

How long does a attack men lacrosse stick have to be?

The shaft alone minimum is 30 Inches and the Head + Shaft minimum is 40 inches!

Short stick in lacrosse?

that is not a question

What is the minimum length for a defensive lacrosse stick?

Its the same as an attack stick

What is the shortest stick allowed in lacrosse?

i believe its 30 for an attack/middie stick....

What is the shortest you can have a lacrosse goalie stick?

35 inches

How long is a mini lacrosse stick?

36 inches

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