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I bench 190 for 5 reps and 185 for six reps and I weigh 142

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Q: How much weight should you be bench pressing when you weigh 142 pounds?
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Would you consider it strong if you could bench 93 pounds at 103 pounds body weight?

No, you should be able to bench your weight at least.

What are junior high students recommended to lift in weight lifting?

It depends, but probably around 40-60 pounds (if you are bench pressing).

What should a a person who ways 140 pounds bench press?

somewhere between 1 and 2 times your weight 1 time your weight average fitness 2 times your weight very impressive fitness This is wrong. If you bench your weight, that's really good. I'm 15 and I weight 150 pounds and I'm 5'9". I bench 165 and this is considered very good for my age and weight.

How much did the Powers of Pain bench press?

The Warlord was a member of the wrestling tag team Powers of Pain. The Powers of Pain are a professional wrestling tag team in the WWE. The Warlord was recorded bench pressing a total of 440 pounds.

How can you loose at least 3 pounds?

by bench pressing for about a week

Can your bench pressing strength decrease if you lose weight?

If the weight you are losing is muscle, yes.

the Cory Everson Bench in described as heavy duty, but how much weight will it hold?

This kind of bench should be able to hold about ~600 pounds of weight according to the sites I visited.

Should 14yr old girls be bench pressing?


How much should you bench-press if you weigh 112 pounds?

I'm 13 yrs old and I'm 111 and when i bench press i usually bench 80-110. Jorgie145- A good reference to use is if you can bench you own weight about 10 times. You are considered more "elite" when you can bench twice your body weight or more.

What weight can a York fitness bench withstand during bench presses?

The York fitness bench can withstand a large a mount of weight. When in the bench press position it can withstand up to four-hundred pounds of weight.

How much weight can these bear?

This bench has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

How much should you bench at 165 pounds?

A person in reasonable shape be able to bench press his own weight. Any amount above that is considered a remarkable feat.