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all six times

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Q: How many times has New Zealand played in the Rugby World Cup finals?
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Who played in two rugby world cup finals?

PLaying 2 finals adleast are; England New Zealand Australia South Africa France

How many rugby world cup finals went to overtime?

2 finals have 1996 South Africa and New Zealand and 2003 England and Australia

Where did nz come in the rugby world cup 2007?

New Zealand were knocked out in the quarter finals by France in Cardiff.

How many games are in the rugby world cup?

Not including the qualifiers which have already been played. there are 48 to be played in the 2011 New Zealand Event. 40 - pool matches 4 quarter finals 2 semi finals 1 runner up 1 final

Where was the first Rugby World Cup world cup played?

It was played in both Australia and New Zealand with New Zealand being the main host.

Who played in the 2007 Rugby world cup finals?

England and South Africa. South Africa won.

Is Portugal in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand?

No, Portugal were not in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011.

What is date for next rugby league world cup?

It will be played in 2011 in New Zealand.

What rugby teams are considered the best in the world?

New Zealand's All Blacks Men's rugby; All Blacks Women; Black Ferns World under 19 ; New Zealand world under 21; New Zealand World sevens rugby; New zealand World rugby league champions; New Zealand World Secondary Schools ( high school) champion; New Zealand

Where is rugby league commonly played?

Its played world wide but has most activity in England, Australia and New Zealand

How many different new zealand venues will the rugby world cup matches be played in?


Who played in the 1995 Rugby World Cup final?

South Africa defeated New Zealand, 15-12, to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

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