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New Zealand last won the Rugby World Cup in 2011.

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Q: When did New Zealand win the rugby world cup last?
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When were New Zealand last in the Rugby World Cup final?

In 2011, which they won.

Is Portugal in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand?

No, Portugal were not in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011.

What rugby teams are considered the best in the world?

New Zealand's All Blacks Men's rugby; All Blacks Women; Black Ferns World under 19 ; New Zealand world under 21; New Zealand World sevens rugby; New zealand World rugby league champions; New Zealand World Secondary Schools ( high school) champion; New Zealand

Who is the captain of New Zealand rugby team?

Richie mccaw was captain for the last world cup

Where can someone purchase a New Zealand rugby shirt?

New Zealand rugby shirts can be bought at several on-line retailers including Amazon and the World Rugby Shop. You can even buy a New Zealand rugby shirt for your dog at World For Pets.

Where is 2011 rugby World Cup?

in new zealand

Which team won the first rugby world cup?

The 1987 Rugby World Cup was the first Rugby World Cup. The tournament was hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987 and was won by New Zealand.

Has New Zealand ever hosted rugby world cup?

Yes, New Zealand dual hosted with Australia the first Rugby World Cup in 1987.

How many times have New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup?

New Zealand joint-hosted the 1987 Rugby World Cup, as well as hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup in their own right.

Where is most popular rugby sport in the world?

well because the new zealand all blacks are the best rugby team in the world, i would say new zealand!

When and where was the first rugby World Cup held in?

Tenzinggurl22 says: The First Rugby World Cup was hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987 and was won by New Zealand.

What country is hosting the next rugby world cup?

New Zealand/the best rugby team in the world

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