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Q: How many different new zealand venues will the rugby world cup matches be played in?
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How many different NZ venues will the rugby matches be played in?


How many World Cup matches will India host in the 2011 cricket worldcup?

India hosted 29 matches across eight venues, including the final and one semi-final; Sri Lanka hosted 12 matches at three venues.

How many different competition venues are in the Beijing Olympics?

There are 31 venues.

How many Venues India had for the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

the following are the venues of the various matches played in the world 2011 which was held in india ,bangladesh and sri lankamohali,benglaore,delhi,mumbai,chennai,kolkata nagpur and ahmedabad and the final was played in mumbai wankhede stadium and won by indians

Why is super bowl at the colts stadium?

SuperBowls are at different venues every year. It's not played at the teams home fields.

Where is pantsula dance performed?

in different kind of venues

Anyone know when the GAA matches going to be played St Tiernach's Park Clones?

Armagh will play Tyrone there on May 31st. The Ulster final is likely to be played there, as that is its traditional venue. That is set for July 19th. Many venues are only set during the championship as the fixtures become clear, so there could be other matches there.

How can one earn sports awards and trophies?

The best way to earn sports awards is to join a local sportsgroup. They will arrange competitions and matches with other groups, in different venues. Most will have awards and trophies for top competitors.

How many cricket matches in Bangladesh in the 2011 world cup?

8 matches including 2 quarter finals would be held in Bangladesh in 2011 cricket world cup at 2 venues : Chittagong and Dhaka

What are the 18 venues that hosted the 22 hell in a cell matches?

Because there are so many here is a website with them all listed: See related links

What are some venues still open in florida where Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids played?

Some venues still open in Florida where Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids played are Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville.

In what shaped field is Australian rules played?

The shape of the field is oval. There is not standard size for the oval however so different venues have different sizes and sometimes slightly different shapes (such as deeper curves at each 'end' of the oval).

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