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It will be played in 2011 in New Zealand.

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Q: What is date for next rugby league world cup?
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Where is the next Rugby League World Cup?

2015 UK

Who won the rugby World Cup this year?

There was not Rugby League world cup in 2010, next one is 2013.

Is their going to be a rugby league 2010?

Yes, rugby league 2010 comes out on ps2 next year feburary.And it's already out on PSP.Why rugby league? Why not rugby union? We all know union is better than league!

When and where is the next rugby-league World Cup?

2013, and location always changes nation to nation. -- The 2013 Rugby League World Cup will be the fourteenth staging of the Rugby League World Cup. The tournament will be held in the United Kingdom and hosted by England and Wales. 2013 was chosen as the year of the World Cup to avoid a clash with the London Olympics in 2012

Next year will there be rl3 on ps2?

NO, but there is Rugby League live which is crap

Who is in the rugby league world cup?

Rugby League is played in 34 nations who hold a series of qualification tournaments and games to determine who will play in the next world cup. In the 2013 Rugby League World Cup the teams were - England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, France, United States, Italy, Cook Islands, Tonga.

How far will Argentina get in the rugby world cup?

i think so Argentina will come in the next to next rugby worlcup .

What country is hosting the next rugby world cup?

New Zealand/the best rugby team in the world

When is the next Rugby World Cup?

In 2015 in England

Which Melbourne storm rugby league player will play for broncos next year?

Greg Inglis

When is the next rugby world cup after new zealand?


Where will the next rugby world cup be held?

England in 2015.

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