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Q: How many kids get sport related concussions every year?
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What sport causes the most facial injuies to kids ages 5 - 14?

football with concussions...

What sport kills the most kids ages 5 - 14?

Football because when they tackle it can hurt them really bad and socccer you get a lot of concussions.

What is the number of kids who play sports in the US?

There is none kids quit a sport every day.

How many kids a year get sports injuries?

250,000 Kids a year are injured in sports or sport related

How many kids do sports in Australia?

A lot - basically every kid does a sport in Australia - plus you have to do sport at school.

How were athletes trained in ancient Greece?

Mainly, the answer is: everyone was trained when they were young kids by training in every sport.

What percentage of kids play sport in Australia?

61% of kids in Australia play sport

Is tag a sport and why?

tag is not a sport it is a game that is fun for kids

Do kids play hammer the sport?

No they don't play hammer the sport.

How many kids get injured in sports in America?

Approximately 1.9 children under the age of 15 are sent to the emergency room for sport-related injuries.

How did soccer become the sport it is today?

by kids

What sport did Persia kids play?