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Q: What sport did Persia kids play?
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What percentage of kids play sport in Australia?

61% of kids in Australia play sport

Do kids play hammer the sport?

No they don't play hammer the sport.

How many New Zealand kids play sport?

it is 5000 kids

Do most kids play a sport?

Yes. Approximately 60-70% of the kids in the world play sports.

How many kids play sport in America?


What sport do most kids play in paraguay?


What sport do kids play in Africa?

cricket and soccer

Percentage of kids who play a sport in the summer?


What sport do kids play the most in America?


Is it bad for kids to play or watch any sport?


How many kids play basketball as a sport?

Millions of kids around the world play basketball, especially in USA, Europe and Asia.

What is the percentage of kids that play a sport and get bad grades?

42% of students play sports.

What sport do Philippine women play?

Commonly they play volleyball and kids play traditional Filipino games

What is the number of kids who play sports in the US?

There is none kids quit a sport every day.

What sport do Japanese kids play in winter?

ice skating..

How many kids play sport?

Roughly about 2.3 billion.

How many kids get injued in sports without a sports trainer?

A lot of kids but mostly the kids that play the sport wrong.

What sport will you be if you are a sport?

i would be soccer because I'm real good at it and i actually play on a travel team and its super athletic so if you want to play a sport play soccer because its open for kids teens and adults too.

What sport do japan kids play?

Sports like soccer and baseball are popular among Japanese kids.

What sport do kids play the most in Florida?

kids mostly play BasketBall in Florida.Im more of a streetballer since i know alot of streetball moves.

What sport did kids play in 1900?

Baseball usually depending on where they lived

What did kids play as a sport in the 1960's?

Whatever they felt like.

How many kids that play sports are confident?

i think alot of kids who play sports are confident because they really do want to play that particular sport and if i was that person who wanted to play that particular sport, i would certainly go for because it's something that i would enjoy throughout my school career

What percent of kids play on a sports team?

73.6% play some sort of sport from debate-football

Why should baseball be a sport in middle school?

it should be a school sport because the kids that like baseball can play for the school