Is it bad for kids to play or watch any sport?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Is it bad for kids to play or watch any sport?
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Is it ok to ask a national coach to watch you play your sport?

Well it's okay for a national coach to watch you play a sport if you're any good at it. So if you're good at a sport go ahead and show off.

What sport can only men play?

Women can play any sport they have a womans football league. So basically women can play any sport

Do kids in Germany play any other sport than soccer?

its football and yes at least tennis lots more.

What is sport will be helpful for your body?

Any sport you play

What sport should I play?

Any sport You like

When is the best time to play any sport?

The best time to play a sport will depend on the sport itself.

What sport does rebecca adlington play?

she doesn't play any sport however she is a swimmer

Is sledging a sport?

No because do you watch it on TSN The Score or any other sport channels. No.

Why are girls not allowed to play cricket?

Girls can play any sport that boys can play. You might want to watch a few films about this subject, including the fun and heartwarming Bend It Like Beckham.

What sport did Zeus play?

he did not play any sports

How many kids have not been taught how to properly play a sport?

In the western part of the world almost every child is encouraged to play any sports game. So in West the ratio of kids who are not taught to play any sports game in minimal. In other parts of the worlds parental and school instructors does not give needed sports attention to the kids.

Who is soccers target market?

It is targetted at everyone. It is the biggest sport in the world. Anyone can play or watch it. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest world championship of any individual sport and attracts a worldwide audience.