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Q: How did soccer become the sport it is today?
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Where is the sport soccer seen today?

Soccer today can be seen everywhere! :) Very popular sport

When did women's soccer become an Olympic sport?

Women's soccer become an Olympic sport in 1996.

When did soccer become a sport?

1004 b.C

What sport did Carlos Vela become famous?


What sport did Petr Cech become famous?


What sport did John Terry become famous?


When did soccer become a commonwealth games sport?

no it didn't

How many goals are scored in today's soccer matches compared to how many goals are scored when soccer was starting to become a popular sport?

They Score more now becasue there better than before

When did soccer become a sport of skill and footwork?

It always has been.

What year did Men's soccer become an Olympic sport?


What sport did Robin van Persie become famous?


How is soccer used today?

It is used as a world wide, national sport.

When did soccer become an international sport?

in the 1900's but USA started playing soccer in the 1970's

How much education do you need to become a soccer coach?

you need to play soccer a few years and know how the sport of soccer is played and how it works.

What do people do for entertainment today?

it is probaly soccer..... i think more people play soccer in this world than anyother sport

How did figure skating become the sport it is today?

it became a sport today because of its so brilliant and you need to be athletic

What games and sport of ancient origin are still popular today?

the Incas and the Mayans used to play a soccer type of sport.

How did soccer become famous?

Soccer became famous by being a relatively simple sport and the convienence of having easy equipment to find. And anyway, its just the best sport around

What year did soccer become an official sport?

i think it became official in 1908

How did soccer become a worldwide sport?

England started it off with the Premier League

When did soccer become a national sport in most of the world?

it is a fun and challenging game

What year did soccer become a sport?

Soccer (or Association Football) became recognized as a "Sport" under the Cambridge Rules of 1848. From there the rules were refined in 1857 in Sheffield England until they became the rules as we know them today. To be honest, the sport was developed well before then as the sport was used a training regimen by Chinese forces in 3000 BC and throughout history since. Many would claim it as the first sport ever played.

What sport is better track or soccer?


What kind of sport is soccer.?

Soccer os a sport that you kic the ball.

Why do people want to become soccer players?

because it is the most popular sport in the world

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