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Q: How many innings must a high school starting pitcher pitch before being eligible to earn a win?
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How many innings before a rookie pitcher no longer a rookie?

More than 50 innings for a pitcher and more than 130 AB for a position player

How many innings can a pitcher pitch?

As many as he can in a game before his couch takes him out

Does the pitcher before the save get the win?

Not necessarily. The "winning" pitcher is the one who most recently pitched when her/his team went ahead, without ever surrendering the lead. A starting pitcher must pitch at least five innings. Thus, the pitcher before the one that gets the save MIGHT get the win, but it is not guaranteed. If a team went ahead in the first inning and maintained the lead, and that team's starting pitcher pitched for more than five innings but had two relief pitchers to follow him, then the starter would be the "winning" pitcher and the final pitcher would have a chance at a save. But the second pitcher would have no chance for either a win or a save.

How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to get a win?

At least five full innings, If he leaves the game before that but with the lead, he is not the winner, the umpires can give the win for whom ever they want to. Actually, it's the official scorer, not the umpires, who make this decision.

What determines winning pitcher in MLB?

The winning pitcher is determined based on the score of the game such as for example if Greinke started a game for the Diamondbacks and they're winning after 5 innings he would be eligible for a win however if he were to leave the game before 5 innings are completed then it would be up to the home team's official scorer to make that call based on who he or she believed gave the best performance out of the bullpen.

Who gets the credit win as a pitcher when the game is tied up 3-3 in the 4th inning and the relieve pitcher comes in and the final score is 6-3 a win?

With no addtional information available, the winning pitcher is the relief pitcher who came in in the 4th inning. Remember, a starting pitcher must pitch five complete innings before he can be credited with a win.

Is it considered a visit to the mound if a coach goes to the mound while a pitcher is warming up before the first pitch of the game is thrown?

Yes it is and coaches may not warm up a pitcher before innings either,

Who usually gets credit for winning a baseball game?

Generally, the pitcher who last pitched for the winning team right before the winning team took the lead for good, except that the starting pitcher cannot get credited for a win unless he pitches at least 5 innings (and his team takes the lead for good).

How many innings does a starting pitcher have to go to earn a win?

Under current rules, a starting pitcher must pitch five innings to get a win, whereas a reliever need only pitch a third of an inning to get a win. When the go-ahead run (that is, the run that puts a team ahead and the other team does not tie or get the lead for the remainder of the game) is scored, the winning pitcher is the last pitcher of the half-inning before the go-ahead run is scored, unless that pitcher is a starter with less than five innings pitched, in which case the official scorer awards the win to one of the relievers. This gives discretion to the official scorer. I would propose the following change which would give a starter more of a chance for a win is to give the first pitcher with the most outs in the entire game the win if the go-ahead run is scored before a reliever takes the mound. This would end situations where a starter pitched 4-1/3 innings and a reliever pitching only one or two innings gets the win at the scorer's discretion when the go-ahead run was scored during the starter's tenure. This rule would cover five inning games as well as exhibition games where pitchers are limited to a certain number of innings. Peter

How many innings does a game have to go before it can be canceled and still count?

5 innings

How do you put the word innings into a sentence?

He pitched for three innings and then the coach pulled him out. After nine innings of play, the score was tied. We finished only two innings before it started to rain.

How many innings can a pitcher pitch before he has to rest?

In professional baseball, as many as he wants.But see if your not talking about the Pro's then it all depends on the LEVEL, ASSOCIATION, and mainly the AGE GROUP.

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