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Generally, the pitcher who last pitched for the winning team right before the winning team took the lead for good, except that the starting pitcher cannot get credited for a win unless he pitches at least 5 innings (and his team takes the lead for good).

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Q: Who usually gets credit for winning a baseball game?
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What is the lowest winning margin in baseball?

One run, with the lowest scoring game being 1-0.

How does rain or snow affect the game of baseball?

If the umpire believes the game can be played safely and well the game will continue despite the rain or snow. As soon as this is not the case, the game will be delayed. Usually if the umpire expects the delay to be significantly more than an hour, the game will be stopped. The game is considered an official game if it is stopped after 5 or more innings of play. If the home team is winning after four and a half innings, it is also official. Whoever was winning after the last complete inning is declared the winner. If the game is tied, the game will usually be resumed at a later date from the point where it was stopped. If the game is stopped after fewer than five innings, it is replayed from the start at a later date. Occasionally a rained-out game is not made up, if it has no bearing on the final playoff picture.

Do major league baseball have to pay a fine if ejected from a baseball game?

Not usually, and if they do its not a big deal because all fines are tax write offs.

What is the hours of a pro baseball player?

A professional baseball player usually arrives to the ballpark 4-6 hours ahead of game time on a gameday. The game usually lasts about 2 1/2 to 3 hours and then they usually don't leave the ballpark until about 1 1/2 hours after the game is over. This adds up to about 10 1/2 hours

How many walks in a baseball game?

As many walks that a pitcher will allow. Most Baseball games usually have 2-4. But it really is more a random number

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Who earns credit for winning baseball game?

The pitcher who's team wins the game from the point where the last score was tied. However, for a starting pitcher to get credit for a win they must pitch into the 5th inning and have their team tied or leading at the time .

Most runs scored by the winning team in a major league baseball game?

The most runs scored by a winning team in a MLB game is 30.

How baseball teams celebrate after winning a game?

if the game is special they might pop some wine bottles out

Who tries to take credit for the Stanley Cup Game winning goal scored by Jim Pappin?

Pete Stemkowski

Is it possible to be both the winning losing pitcher in one game of baseball?

No, there is no way possible, but it is possible to be a losing and winning pitcher in one DAY!!!

Who had most winning Major League Baseball hits?

The "game winning hit" statistic was an official statistic for a few seasons in the 1970s and 1980s, but is no longer an official stat. Therefore, there is no way to determine who had the most game winning hits.

Was it possible for Jackie Robinson to have used a microphone to deliver his speeches after winning the baseball game?

yes it was

What is the Mercy Rule in Little League baseball?

In Little League baseball, rules usually call for the game to end if the winning team is ahead by 10 runs after five innings. In some leagues, this margin may be as little as eight.

When was the last season a baseball team had 2 10 or more game winning streaks?

2013. I know that the Atlanta Braves had a 10 game winning streak from April 5th through April 16th and a 14 game winning streak from July 26th through August 9th.

When is a baseball game official?

When at least 4.5 innings have been played. Depending on who's winning at that time.

What is the lowest winning margin in baseball?

One run, with the lowest scoring game being 1-0.

How many game winning drives does Brett Favre have?

45 game winning drives

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