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A 55 kilo person swimming 25 laps in one hour would burn 479 calories. The number of calories is primarily based on weight and pace.

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Q: How many calories do you burn by swimming 25 laps in a 50 meter pool?
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How many calories does 22 swimming laps burn?

Depends on the length of the lap

How many calories burned swimming 32 laps?

Someone can burn as many as 2000 calories while swimming 32 laps in a pool. This number could be higher or lower based on intensity and speed of the laps.

How many calories burned swimming 16 laps?

When you swim 16 laps scientists prove you burn exactly 4 claories.:)

How many laps do you need to swim in a 50 meter pool to burn 500 calories?

Okay...i know that when i go to swim practice, i swim for a good hour and a half. i know that while im there(swimming constantly)i burn about 1200 calories. So, it doesnt matter how many laps you swim; its how long and how intense. Your very welcome, Grace Kelly Katz5..... well if you want laps, you would have to swim 10-12 laps; there and back counting as one lap. So if you did that you would burn 500 calories, and if you were in a 25 meter pool you would have to swim about 20 laps; there and back counting as one.

How many laps of swimming burns 200 calories?

Choppy swimming for about 15 minutes can burn 200 calories. The lap number would vary greatly depending on the swimmer's stroke and the size of the pool.

How many calories you burn doing 3 laps?

You burn off all of them

Which of these activities burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time?

Swimming Laps (A+ Health)

How many calories do you use up in swimming laps?

It depends on how much you weigh and how long you do it for instance if I would swim for 3 hours I would burn 1/2 lb

How many calories are burned by swimming laps per hour?

Depends on how fast you swim the laps, how heavy you are, how thick the water is and how long the pool is.

In a 25 meter swimming pool how many lengths do you have to swim to constitute a mile?

66 laps

How many calories burned swimming 25 yards in a pool?

It depends on how fast you swim and how much you exert yourself. You can burn about 900 calories an hour just sitting/walking around in the pool so if you take a long time doing laps you'll burn a lot more.

How many calories are burned swimmming?

About 100 to 150 caloires per 30 minutes, of swimming laps.

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