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900 dka

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Q: How many calories are burnt swimming 100 meters?
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How many meters swimming equates to a mile running as far as calories burned?

Running 1 mile is equal to swimming 500 to 640 meters at a moderate pace when it comes to burning calories. Even though both the exercises are vastly different, their calorie burning impact is very similar. Same amount of calories is burnt while swimming and running for the same amount of time.

How many calories burned swimming 2700 meters?

To tell how many calories you would burn you would have to know how hard you are going to swim it. If you are just floating around and gliding, you wouldn't burn many calories. If you were swimming hard (continuously, flip turns included) you would be burning more.

How many calories are burnt rocking?

Approximately 150 calories an hour.

How many calories are burnt in a cough?

average is about 0.56

How many calories burned swimming in salt water?

You can burn as many as 100 calories per hour just swimming casually in salt water. You can burn up to 500 calories per hour if you're swimming vigorously.

How many calories are burnt in water aerobics?

That depends on how long you do it.

How many calories in 8 ounces of burnt ends?


How many calories are burnt by one hour of walking at 2 mph For a person weighing about 600 pounds?

too be honest , you have probally burnt about 200 calories .

How many meters are in an olympic swimming pool?

There are usually 50 meters in a Olympic sized swimming pool.

How many calories are burnt in 1 hour pilates?

About 300 calories are burnt after 1 hour of pilates.

How many calories can you burn playing 1 hour of badminton?

A person of 125-174 pounds: 43 calories burnt every 10 mins 175-250 pounds: 65 calories burnt every 10 mins 250+ pounds: 94 calories burnt every 10 mins.

How many calories burnt chewing an apple?

You burn calories by doing everything.... the best way is to search how many calories you burn per bite...