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1 ... that being Japan who hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo and the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano.

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Q: How many Asian countries have hosted the winter Olympics?
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Related questions

What was the site of the first Asian Winter Olympics?

The first Asian host of the Winter Olympics was the city of Sapporo in Japan which hosted the 1972 Games

What two Asian countries hosted the Olympics prior to Beijing?

Japan and South Korea.

Which asian city hosted the 1964 olympic games?

Tokyo in Japan hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics.

Which city in Asia was the first to hold the winter Olympics?

Sapporo, Japan wsa the first Asian city to host the Winter Olympics. It was held in 1972.

What Asian nations have held the winter Olympics more then once?

Japan. The Winter Olympics have only ever been in one Asian country, Japan. That is until 2018 when Pyeongchang, South Korea hosts.

Second Asian country that held Olympics?

South Korea was the second unique Asian country to hold the Olympics in 1988. (Japan had held both the Winter and the Summer Olympics before then)

Have Asian cities hosted the Olympic games 4 times?

No, Asia has hosted 5 Olympics ... 1) 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan. 2) 1972 Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan. 3) 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, South Korea. 4) 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. 5) 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, China. Asia will host its 6th Olympics when the 2018 Winter Games are held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

How many Asian countries have hosted the summer Olympics?

31964 Tokyo, Japan1988 Seoul, South Korea2008 Beijing, China

Has Thailand ever hosted the Asian Games?

Yes, they hosted the 1998 Asian Games.

What is the first Asian country to hosts for football world cup?

Japan and South Korea jointly hosted it in 2002, becoming the first Asian countries to do so.

Where was the 1988 AFC Asian cup hosted?

The Asian Football Confederation's 1988 AFC Asian Cup was hosted by Qatar.

Which country hosted the first Asian games?

India hosted the first Asian games.

When was the last World Cup hosted by an Asian nation?

The last time an Asian nation hosted the world cup was in 2002.

In which city was the first Asian games held?

The Asian Games (also known as the Asiad) are a series of competitions that countries from all over Asia. In total 46 nations have participated in the games over sixteen competitions. New Delhi was the first city to host the Asian Games when it hosted in 1951. In 2014 the Asian Games will be hosted by Incheon, South Korea.

What is the only Indian city to have hosted the Asian Games?

New Delhi hosted the first Asian Games in 1951 and the ninth Asian Games in 1982.

Which Asian countries have held the FIFA World Cup?

Japan and Korea co-hosted the finals in 2002. Qatar will host in 2022.

Which is the only Indian city to have hosted the Asian games till date?

Which is the only Indian city to have hosted Asian games till date

What sporting events has Guangzhou hosted?

Guangzhou hosted the 2010 Asian Games.

How come only japan hosted winter olympic in Asia?

The IOC has given the rights to Japan to host the Olympic games. No other Asian nation has be selected as of 2011.

What international sporting events has Vietnam hosted?

They co-hosted the 2007 Asian Cup.

Which Asian country hosted the 1998 commonwealth games?

Malaysia hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

City which hosted the Asian games most number of times?

Bangkok, Thailand has hosted the Asian Games 4 times - 1966, 1970, 1978, and 1998. Only one other city has hosted them more than once, that being New Delhi who hosted in 1951 and 1982.

Has Iran ever hosted the Asian Games?

Yes, Tehran held the 1974 Asian Games.

Which country hosted the 1998 commonwealth games is in which Asian country?

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) was the first Asian nation to host the Commonwealth Games; they hosted the 1998 Games.

Which country hosted the 15th Asian games?